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Alexander McQueen Union Jack


Aug 9, 2007
Anyone bought these shoes?? What do you think of them? I was out shopping today and I tried them on and can NOT stop thinking about them. I could not justify paying 1300 for them tho :sad: They have been quite popular and I'm really afraid they might not have them on sale later on. (Although its quite the trendy/seasonal shoe- just like the Balenciaga gladiators have received a lot of attention but were still marked down later!) Sigh....
Any pics of owners??


Over the Rainbow
Aug 19, 2008
These beauties I saw in Harrods some weeks ago..very nice but I feel that it is a trend shoe...not only that what outfits would you wear with these shoes...I like em' but i need convincing that there worth the £'s. :smile: