Alexander McQueen Skull..

  1. Has anyone seen this scarf?

    Please PM me! Thanks!

  2. I am not sure if they sell those in stores anymore but I have seen eBay auctions.. just be careful I have seen a lot of replicas. That is a gorgeous scarf though, I have the red and black and I love it!
  3. ITA thousands of fakes on eBay, im wearing a new one right now, got it a week ago from net-a-porter. heres the link
    its slightly different to the origonal ones but its nice.
    i saw a white one a few weeks ago when i was in london, they have them in the mens section of hervey nicks
  4. those are still available.. harvey nicks (both accessories and men's sections), liberty and selfridges have them off the top of my head, and the mcqueen boutique in london always seems to have about a bucket full of them..
  5. from the looks of it Biondina, it looks like you are from the US like me... so it may be a little harder to find since the boutiques they mentioned are in Europe.
  6. Not that exact print, but I saw many Alexander McQueen skull scarves at Barneys in Boston in the mens department.