Alexander McQueen Skull Scarf Question

  1. What do you ladies think about the Alexander McQueen skull scarf? I don't know why I'm obssessing over it all of a sudden (the black & white) and I've been able to track it down on eBay (which a fellow PF member is selling so no doubt about the authenticy, which is the only reason I tend to stay away from eBay :nuts:), but I'm not sure if I should get it or not. What do you think? The skull scarf fashion trend or fad???
  2. I still like them, I have the black and white and still wear it from time to time, I also tie it to the handles of my bags, a la Sienna Miller!

    If you're going to get one, definitly get black and white, It'll go with everything!
  3. I still like them to, I like the black&white ones but I also love the more collorfull ones
  4. I like them too. I recently saw them (black/white, blue/black) at Neimans in Las Vegas.
  5. thanks for your opinions... i have a feeling that i will end up getting it :smile: if i do i'll def. let you know!
  6. Really in. Tie it around your neck with a tank top, skinny jeans, heels, big bag, oversized sunnies and you're Nicole Ritchie (minus the skinny!)
  7. you guys really still think it's in? i'm just not feeling it anymore (i was in your position a few months ago)

    for the price, i'd rather get a nice hermes scarf... something more classic.
  8. i really liked skulls before it was "in". i wish it hadn't gotten so popular and trendy. i see skulls on everything now. i'm hoping it will go away, so i can wear them again.:blush:
  9. ^^^^
    i know. i hate it when things get so popular.
  10. i still like them too. not enough to buy one, but if you want one go for it! imo they wont go out of style anytime soon.
  11. thanks. i do know where exquisite09 is coming from -- for that price i could get something more classy, but on the other hand i think one funky item will come in handy... no? :smile:
  12. I love them too! Nicole Richie, she wears them time to time. Anything with skull are in!
  13. i like them although they are getting a bit trendy. i have three.
  14. I just got mine! hee hee :smile: I may regret it sooner or later but for now I'm pretty happy~ :smile:


    I don't know what colour scarf you have but all McQueen's scarves are limited edition and once gone, will NEVER return so my SA at Bond Street London store told me.

    I went in there the other day looking for a new one - I was wearing the black and white one round my neck and all the SA's were swooning, one girl said she wished she'd bought one herself when they were around as he will never re-do a style/colour once stocks have gone.

    I also went into Selfridges & Co London last month and a SA on Dolce & Gabanna and one on the Chanel consession also said they loved my scarf and wished they'd been able to get one.

    So, no. YOU WILL NEVER REGRET BUYING - It is worth the money - mine was £110 I think they're now £130 in UK. But black & white skull will never return.

    I'm guessing you love yours???????