Alexander McQueen Scarf?

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  1. Anyone know where can I get a deal on McQueen's skeleton scarf? TIA!
  2. I need to know too..
  3. First and foremost - buyer beware....
    There are SO MANY fakes out there, so best to buy from a reputable seller and stay away from evilbay.
    Real DEALS are few.

    Go online to the McQueen website and call the stores to see if any scarves are still on sale, but I think that's doubtful. It's worth a try.

    Yoox usually has some scraves, but are currently wiped out. I think there is a lot of buying going on since his death.

    Also, there are some on on sale, but they are still pricey. Consider them investment pieces.

    Good luck.
  4. yeah.. heard about that.. read something the sale went up by 1400%.. not a typo, serious over one thousand %. i am also looking to buy one of his bag too.. still debating which one.
  5. So basically his "stuff" is worthless now? I really like his design.....ohh welll....if you guys find it somewhere please let me know. Thanks.

    I got his handbag once in wynn las vegas boutique for 60% off.
  6. saks fashion fix had a bunch of them on sale the first time they did it. it couldn't hurt to look at future ones to see if they do it again.
  7. worthless? It worth a whole bunch more I think

  8. Most of his skull scarves are sold out in Zappos. Saks, Net-a-Porter, Neiman has some basic color ones left. There are a few nice color on Diabro, but they're in Japan, and there are some debates on this shop, I ordered mine there. The cheap ones on *bay are fake, most are sold above retail price. No, his pieces are def. not worthless but going up a lot more now :cool:
  9. I wouldn't call his designs "stuff" and his designs are definitely worth more currently. Like with any art the value of the work increase after the artists passing.
  10. Has anyone found the glove clutch on sale?
  11. Welll sorry for saying his stuff....I do admire his design too that's why I'm looking for his scarf for memories. I bought his handbag before and truely love the leather. I guess it will be harder to get his design in the future
  12. I believe his pre-season appears, shoes and accessories maybe on sale. But def not the signature classic silk scarves. They are mostly sold out everywhere.
  13. had a scarf earlier today but who knows if its still there. also the website had some saturday
  14. There won't be any deals on his scarves, especially now that he has passed away.

    Be careful on eBay, I would say at least 90% of the skull scarves on there are fake.

    If you're in the US, you might consider calling the boutiques in NY or Las Vegas. Bergdorf Goodman had some as well but I'm not sure if those are sold out or not.