Alexander McQueen Scarf

  1. Hi does anybody know where I can get a Alexander McQueen Skull XL scarf in the purple colours?:confused1: I live in the U.K. but would be happy to purchase from U.S. thanks
  2. have you tried,,,,, or

    Harvey Nichols, Liberty and Selfridges, Alexander Mcqueen boutique in London might also have them. Or these always McQueen NY store....
  3. +1 212 645 1797
    417 West 14th Street
    New York 10014

    +44 20 7355 0088
    4-5 Old Bond Street
    W1S 4PD
  4. Called the NY boutique today and they had tons of colors, $230 for the sheer scarf, $275 for the lurex and they also had the pashminas.
  5. Anyone know where I can get the pink scarf with cream skulls? I called NY and LV, neither store had them. (The NY store had the cream scarf with the pink skulls, not the other way around.) And I cannot find these scarves online anywhere. Help!
  6. Have you tried eBay?
  7. Is NY boutique the only place I can phone order?
    Would I just ask for the XL?- how much is it for just the basic ones worn by celebrities?
  8. They have them in the McQueen boutique in Las Vegas at the Wynn or New York. THey sell them by chiffon - $230, pashmina, or lurex - $265. The ones you see on the stars are mosting the chiffon/silk version.
  9. Thanks~ Is XL the one that celebs have been wearing around their necks?...
    since search is unavailable at the moment is there a thread here that shows pics of the scarves? I want to see what colors are available :smile:
  10. I would have to phone order-has anyone seen the black w/cream anywhere? (am stores, saks, etc)?
    one more q:if I order it through am store-is it $15 shipping?
  11. don't know where you can get one, but me likey!!!!!!!
  12. The McQueen store in London always has tons in stock
  13. ^^ That's where I got mine in 2006. I got the burgundy one with blue skulls.

    They also sell them at Lane Crawford, for all the Hongers like myself ;)
  14. I've personally bought at least 10 from there
  15. Any in Las vegas or NY stores?
    OR SAKS stores