Alexander Mcqueen Scarf Thread

  1. Thanks for the tips! I did a test-handwash today with my black on white - I used cool water with a squirt of Soak, swished it around in the solution, did a quick rinse (even though Soak is a rinse-free formulation...habit lol) and rolled it up in a white towel to squeeze the excess water out and then lay flat to dry. Perfection!
  2. Does any of you know where to find the best selection of skull scarves in pashmina or maybe a cotton-blend? :smile: Thank you. :smile:
  3. Is tag and logo print the only way to tell the difference or does the quality of Fabric/silk and the skull prints actually differ from original?

    I don't own any, but I am curious...
  4. Yay I ordered my first McQueen scarf! I went with the classic black and ivory!! It should be here by the 5th!!! I have hunted forever and I thought I'd share, the best deal I found was forward by elyse walker. No tax and free shipping. $295 was the exact amount where as every other site it was $295.00 plus shipping plus taxes or free shipping but $18.xx worth of taxes making it $307.00 or more!! So def if anyone is looking at getting one def recommend this site because of free returns, no taxes, and free shipping!!
  5. forward by elyse walker is a reputable site correct? I just ordered a McQueen scarf from there and there was no shipping or taxes, just the $295.00 pricing.
  6. Yes, they are reputable :smile:

  7. Thank ya ma'am! I'm excited to get it in!!
  8. I got this McQueen silk scarf for 70% off at Saks today (orig. price = $625). Last week it was $318 and take additional 25% off = $238. Today it's $250 and take additional 25% off = $187.50.
    AMQ silk cream paisley scarf 1.jpg AMQ silk cream paisley scarf 2.jpg
  9. Lucky you - pretty! Had my eye on that one...did you buy it online or in store?
  10. It was in store. There were 2 of them. The other one was still there when I left at noon. Check your PM.
  11. It was a great sale! I got this one for less than $150 (retail $475)![​IMG]
  12. Hey there - Congrats on the fab McQueen finds, sooo pretty!

    My SA has this one in a light lavender with silver lame' skulls & also a cream with gold lame' skulls at 70% ending later today $575 reg. down to $172.50 - pm me for SA info :smile:
    mclavenimagejpeg953.jpg mccreamimagejpeg952.jpg
  13. Thanks Raffaluv! I've scooped both of these up. Can't wait to receive them.
  14. I just got my order in today and it's snagged and pulled in two places! For $295 that baby better be perfect!! I'm hoping to do an exchange.

    Does this happen easy with these scarves?
  15. I haven't seen snags in my scarves but I treat them very carefully. The material is delicate and will snag like anything else. Hope you can find your color way for an easy exchange.