Alexander Mcqueen Scarf Thread

  1. Beautiful! Harvey Nics had great prices on McQueen scarves, I got the federal blue/azure one for £82 also.
  2. It was because of you I had a look at Harvey Nics :smile: I always forget about them THANK YOU :biggrin:
  3. It was just what I saw online there were some at £82 I think only 2 were. and some were £115 most were still full priced
  4. Welcome - I always like to spread the news on bargains:smile:

    They had 5 reduced to £82 online and a few instore, they sold out very quickly though at that price! I got mine instore, i just happened to be in the right place at the right time.
  5. Zappos has 1/2 off a lot of their scarves!
  6. If you buy off eBay how can you tell they are real? I want the black and white one and Nordies and Saks are both back ordered. I can't wait until September!! Any advice on telling a real from fake?
  7. There are many black and white combo scarves available on the McQueen website. I personally wouldn't buy a classic scarf on ebay, majority of them are fake.
  8. Don't buy classic skull from ebay, they are 99.9% fake. I can spot a fake generally pretty well, but the fakers are getting better and I wouldn't take the chance of parting with my hard earned cash to some scummy faker. Personally I'd be ordering from one of these 2 sites...,en_US,sc.html?scarf3d=false
  9. Also do check matches and zappos,i did see some over there. Th classic blk n white u can search on shopstyle,i found loads in farfetch,nordtrom
  10. Thank you guys so much!! I'm just going to buy it from a site site!
  11. There's a sale going on now at the AMQ site, net a porter and zappos. Zappos looks like they have a pretty good selection!
  12. Random question but has anyone had luck hand washing the silk McQueen scarves?? And have tips for doing it?? I'm going to be taking my black on white skull scarf on a trip soon and I'd rather be able to hand wash it in soakwash brand delicate garment wash whenever I want than have to find a dry cleaner etc etc
  13. I handwash my McQ silk scarves all the time. Just a little Woolite or Zero in lukewarm water, squeeze the scarf gently, and rise well. Then hang dry. The scarves come out a little softer and not as “crisp” as when new and a little wrinkly at the edges. But nothing beats a clean scarf. :biggrin:

    Oh, some of the dye will come out in the water but don’t be alarmed. My scarves haven’t discolored or faded or anything.

  14. I hand wash mine as well. I actually use dishwasher detergent but I use an environmentally friendly brand that doesn't have the chemicals the regular ones do. I once read somewhere to use dishwash soap because it better removes perfume and oil stains from our bodies.

    I wash in tepid water by swirling the scarf around in the water and knead it every so gently. Then I rinse with cold water. Whatever you do, do NOT wring the scarf! I wrap it up in a towel to soak up excess water then hang it in my bathroom to dry.

    Hope that helps!:smile: