Alexander Mcqueen Scarf Thread

  1. I was wondering about this too!
  2. Adore that color! I saw a similar one when I was shopping for mine - but the skull print wasn't as dark so it was hard to make out.
  3. Hi. I am wondering what you guys do with the care instructions tags that are attached to the scarves? I mean the designer name tag is ok but the care instructions tag that is attached to it just too big and sticks out a lot when I am wearing it. Do you cut them off?
  4. I do too...I'd be afraid to try and remove it.

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  5. My new McQueen scarf to honor the two year anniversary of Lee's death


    I wanted this scarf ever since i saw it in the boutique and watched HOME. limited edition earth skull scarf designed for the HOME campaign. it is the softest cotton i have ever felt
  6. AMAZING!!! Where did you get that beauty? I think I saw one floating on eBay. I'd love to see some mod shots of you wearing your scarves!

  7. Ahhh. OK. Thank you.
  8. Yay! I got my Celadon/Pink skull scarf. It's a gorgeous mint green. I had also ordered an Autumn/Brown Leopard scarf and can you believe they sent me a white/black skull chiffon. Hello! The price difference is huge. The tag on it even said leopard scarf. So weird! You think they would CHECK the scarf before sending it. Thankfully Nordstrom is awesome and was able to locate one for me. They even expedited shipping and it should be here tomorrow :smile: Here is the Celadon one....


  9. Yeah it's from eBay they still have a few left.( they are from a reseller and because I have seen it in person I knew it was authentic) there were only 200 made and whats special about it is the fact that the care instructions are printed on the scarf and not on a small tag :smile: . I don't like doing mod shots HAHA ( very self conscious) the closest thing I have to a mod shot is my avatar picture I'm crouching behind the stone holding my scarf in place :smile:
  10. Awe! No problem! I just wanted to see how a fashionable gentleman such as yourself wears his scarves. ;)

  11. Aaaw how kind. thank you :smile:
  12. Has anyone seen any scarves on sale?
  13. I just bought the leopard pashmina in sand (it looks sort of greyish but the McQueen website calls it 'sand.') I'm feeling a bit guilty about it though because it was so expensive (£425) and I'm wondering if it's actually worth the money and if I should return it. I already have two Louis Vuitton leopard stoles which are more expensive than the McQueen one but I feel that the LV ones are more worth the money as they are thicker and longer, and seemingly less delicate. Should I just maybe wait and see if it goes in the sale? Selfridges never seems to sell out of them at full price so I'm wondering just how popular they are. I would love to hear people's thoughts to help me to decide what to do. TIA.
  14. A few people here have managed to get the leopard print on sale and since it's a fashion scarf it will go on sale again come the end of this season. The McQueen website, Matches and the Harvey Nichols website also sell it so I doubt it would sell out.
    You might be best to return it since it's horrible to see something in sale which you paid alot more for and especially if your not sure it's worth the full price.
  15. I've never seen the leopard pashmina's on sale here, though the leopard silks did go on sale this year.

    I got my leopard pash last year, instead of one of the Vuitton leopards, just because I think it's rarer seen (not to say the Vuitton leopards aren't wonderful) Speaking with the SA's none made it through to the sales last year, but they released new colours this year, as well as reissuing the original colour so there may have been more about?

    It's really, really warm and I still love it!

    Having said that, if you're not loving it, then perhaps best return? Good luck!