Alexander McQueen Novak - Deals?


May 17, 2009
I am planning on hitting up my local outlets (Saks, Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus) in search of an Alexander McQueen bag. I have seen some pictures online and I really like the shape and look of this bag so far. Has anyone had luck finding deals on the Novak? I saw a thread where one TPF'er found a Novak at a Saks outlet, but her post was dated 2008.

Thanks for any info / help you ladies can provide!


Call me Kenny.
May 2, 2006
London, England
I've seen them come by my local TKMaxx, as well as the McQueen outlet here. You may want to give them a call as they usually have a few of them in and I'm sure they will do an international mail order.


Aug 3, 2006
There are a couple of the fall styles that should be part of the 40% off sale that starts tomorrow in the boutiques. My SA Samantha at the Vegas store would be happy to help you. She sent me a photo of two Novak bags that she has in stock and that will be part of the sale for 40% off the original price. One was a black studded Novak (on the website for $2265 original price) and one was a black tweedy looking Novak that is not on the website so I don't know the price.

Samantha Boykin ALEXANDER MCQUEEN, Las Vegas (702) 369-0510

You can call the other stores too to see what they have.