Alexander McQueen Novak Clutch

  1. Absolutely love the Novak clutch. :love: The brown/mahogany leather is distressed...makes handling easy... The strap looks great when on the shoulder or just hanging when used as clutch (is also detachable). Carried the bag for the first time last! :biggrin: Pics are w/ and w/o flash.
    McQueen Novak Clutch 002.jpg McQueen Novak Clutch 005.jpg McQueen Novak Clutch.jpg
  2. This bag is very cute. I love the strap.First,I only saw the Novak Tote but i am not very fond about it.
    Enjoy your bag.:yes:
  3. SoCal, I looooove that bag!! :love: I want! (Where's the drooly smilie-face?)
  4. wow, that is indeed one pretty bag........
  5. i love that bag, very cute!
  6. I really love this clutch! It's such a sharp looking bag! Congrats!
  7. WOW! I love it. Congrats!
  8. Thanks, all. This one was an impulse purchase (well, not my first...but I had never really considered this bag before) and I am sooo happy with it!
  9. I love the Novak bags! They are coming out with some amazing ones for fall - I'm just scared to know how much they are going to cost!
  10. Beautiful, and great colour choice! Congrats, it looks amazing!
  11. SoCal,

    LOVE IT!!! :love:
  12. it's gorgeous!:love:
  13. All, Thank you! This is my first "Novak experience"...hope I can stop here...
  14. Gorgeous, I really like the colour !
  15. That is a very classy looking the unique looking shoulder strap. Good buy!!