Alexander Mcqueen Novak Bag for 560 Dollars!!!

  1. I LOVE this bag. Thanks for posting!

    Does anyone know the color difference between "brown" and "dune"?

    And has anyone seen this in black?
  2. If you click to enlarge the bag-it showed several colors. I would guess that dune is a light tan color like sand.:smile:
  3. I bought mine from LVR in black. Because I'm in the US I didn't have to pay VAT, which lowered the price to 353 Euros (about $460). However, just last week I received a bill for $71 in customs duties, so be prepared for that.
  4. Wow, that is a big bill, but it's still a great price altogether! Congrats on a great purchase!

    I think you may have been one of the last ones to get it in black, there doesn't seem to be any more left for me. :sad:
  5. i also had to pay a lot of customs on items i purchased on eBay from the states. really annoying. but you can lower the actual value to avoid the fees. however, big companies like luisaviaroma won´t make any exceptions, i guess. you really own a fabulous bag by mcqueen.
  6. Wow! Thanx for the info. Love the look and the deal so much that I ordered it in brown.:yes:
  7. Congrats, I hope you love it as much as I love mine!
  8. Anyone know any discount codes, please?
  9. Thanks for posting!