Alexander McQueen knuckleduster

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  1. Do you think it's going to be a collectors item in years to come? I am contemplating buying one but I'm a little put off by the cost (just bought an Alexander Wang bag about 2 weeks ago!)
  2. Not sure about it becoming a collector's item, but it sure is stunning! I really want to track it down in the petrol leather.
  3. It is quite expensive. Hard to say. I wouldn't get it unless you absolutely love it.
  4. I think it will eventually. . . are they hard to find now?

  5. The skull bags are available in BG and also in the McQueen boutiques

    in the US.. and some specialty stores... enjoy finding one....:biggrin:
  6. I've always wanted one. . . I guess if I wait much longer to get one they could be sold out and prices jacked up.
    Seems people capitalize on death.
  7. They said in an article that I read his sales were up 1400%...
  8. ^nothing would surprise me.. remember how Michael Jackson's albums soared...
  9. i love it! i think everything mcqueen will be collector's item.
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    I bought a long blue python one and it is amazing! However, it really was a lot of money so I'm thinking xxxxxx. I know I'll regret it though as it's so fantastic. mmmm... what to do...
  11. love the clutch but also the leather clutch with the fingerless glove incoorporated in it!
  12. oh yes demicouture, it's stunning as well isn't it? I'm in a real quandry about this one though....
  13. I winced at the prices . . .
    But if you like it and can afford it, you might regret passing on this opportunity.

  14. I purchased the patent Knuckle Duster Clutch from BG shortly after McQueen's death. While it is absolutely beautiful, I'm realizing that it wasn't the most sensible purchase. I have yet to carry it, and can't really foresee using it anytime soon. I'm debating whether I should sell it or return it to BG (it's within the 60 day return policy).

    My question is, do you think I will be able to sell it for above retail ($1595), or should I just go ahead and make the return?
  15. I've loved the knuckle duster ever since the first time I set eyes on a pic of it on a blog. I still don't own one though, I can't decide whether it's worth spending approx £800 on a bag I'm going to use very infrequently... aargh.