alexander mcqueen for mac!

  1. It's at mac's online site now! What are you guys getting? I'm patiently stalking nordie's site cuz I want a better return policy just in case I don't like the colors IRL.
  2. I was just coming here to start a thread to see if anyone has tried any of these yet? I think I'm heading over to Macy's after work to check it out! Love the lipglass colors...might have to get one of those!

    I love the lipcolor on the model in this pic. I need to find out what she's wearing..
  3. is it in stores yet? it's not on the Nordies website and the mac SA at Saks said it is coming around oct. 14-18 or so.
  4. Oh bummer! I'm sure it's the same with Macy's too. I'll just have to wait til next week I guess but I'm defiantely checking out the lipcolors!!
  5. ^^ I'll call Nordies at 10am pst when they open and ask ;).
  6. Okay, I'm totally bummed...I just called Macy's and the SA told me that she thought that only MAC stores and Nordstroms were going to carry this line.
    Sad for me because there are no MAC stores or Nordstroms in Maine!!! :crybaby:

    I'll have to try my luck with ordering online and hope I like the colors. :s
  7. It's being released tomorrow at Nordie's. I'm not sure about it. I'm definitely getting the new MSF and maybe the 2 lipsticks. I could never pull off the eyeshadows though!
  8. I got the New vegas MSF...haven't tried it though, the rest was just bleh looking to me! :sad:
  9. I just ordered a lipstick, lipglass and eyeliner online.
  10. Help. What's MSF? TIA!
  11. Mineralize Skin Finish, it's like a highlighter or a blush I guess!
  12. the range is awesome - it has been out in new zealand for about a week and a half - ia have already brought the mineralise powder and 2 of the paint pots and one eyeshadow. the paint pots are so vibrant and cool!!

    ps - does anyone know where i could could find the barbie loves mac looks that were on the website?
  13. Ohhh! I might just have to drop by our local version of Nordie's tomorrow and check it out live.
  14. I guess this is my cue to start stalking the Queen and Bloor St locations... :graucho:
  15. I purchased 2 Vegas Mineralize Skin Finish and 1 Eye pot.
    I originally also wanted the lipstick (as a base) and the lipglass (as the coat), but I couldn't decide. They looked great together though -highly recommand everyone to play around with the colors and combine the two.

    I felt that the eye shadows were a little dissapointing and dry. It wasn't as vibrant or shimmer as I had liked. However, the rest of the collection was excellent.