Alexander McQueen - FNO Limited Ed. Skull Bracelet - did U get yours?

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  1. Just got mine in the Pink totally stoked!
    Got #108 out of 300 - I like that they are numbered.

    Other than the #'s, does anyone know if these bracelets are different from those that are on sale at Saks, etc?

  2. where did you get yours
  3. thanks
  4. i heard they were doing this, i saw it online on a FNO roundup somewhere, but i wasn't in NYC. I didn't know they were online too. Those sold for $195 but the oil slick one I got from saks i got for $220 or $230. I don't have the limited edition fno one but I can tell you about the one i do have and see if its any different.
  5. blammy - let's take a look!
  6. Those are gorgeous! I love the pink one
  7. not too crazy about it...