Alexander McQueen clothes - sales/outlets ?

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  1. Anyone seen Alexander McQueen clothing at an outlet? Other than a few at Off Saks?

    I am wondering where clothes from the McQueen boutiques that don't sell or last seasons end up, because for more than a year now they have been popping up on ebay with McQueen store tags. My kids have bought a number of his things from different sellers, so I figure they must be being sold off somewhere for that to happen. Ideas anyone?

    I love his things and feel badly that he's no longer here. Poor man. What a loss.

  2. always had a few of his items, but people have been buying them out. I would definitely check there...also Net A Porter and the
  3. I can imagine now that he's passed these most recent collections are going to sell pretty fast since it may be the last of his work.
  4. ^ yep.. selling out very fast... i went to the store on sunday and things are flying off the racks.. :smile:
  5. I read today that Francois Henri Pinault said the line will continue. It will be an interesting transition - I wonder who they would get to step in?
  6. Did you see the Micheal Jackson bag on Net a Porter? That will likely become collectible
  7. REALLY!?!!? I am so surprised I figured the line would close. I'm not sure how I feel about that.
  8. ^ i agree, i just don't know if it will be the same... so much was dependant on his vision and his creativity...
  9. I second that!
  10. I have seen McQueen clothing throughout outlets in Europe. Most of them tend to belong the McQ diffusion line, but in some rare instances, you'll also find his less popular mainline items.

    There are also McQueen sample sales that take place in London twice a year. I last went in December and it was very busy (which is normal for his collections). I assume there might be similar sales in NYC as well.

    I am very saddened by his loss and was in London when it occurred. People were buying more of his items (esp. cheaper things like tees, scarves, jewelry), but it wasn't as crazy as the media made it out to be. In Paris, the majority of his resort and SS10 collections are still readily available. I don't like the idea of his line continuing without him, but there have been rumours that his design assistant, who's worked with him for almost 15 years, might take over. There are have been other rumours that Gucci will merely continue selling accessories via the brand. I doubt I'll continue purchasing anything from the McQueen brand that didn't involve the designer's own vision.
  11. I had a chat with someone at the Vegas boutique last week and he said that Lee's assistant has been with him since college and does most of the RTW (under Lee's guidance, of course). She's well-versed enough in vision and his archives to take over. But we'll have to wait and see-she IS only an assistant and Gucci may not want to give the label over to someone who hasn't been at the helm of a major label. But since Lee was such a unique designer, I can't really picture who could possibly replace him.
  12. Thanks everyone. His things are so well made. His menswear fits my DS as if they were made for him. We were and still are saddened by his decision to end his life. He had so much to give.

    I thought I had read that he had married, where was his partner? I would have thought he'd be surrounded by friends supporting him after losing his mother.
  13. i agree with the ladies in this thread that said his collection should not go on.. they should end it on the high note that he left it off on. i personally will not buy anything mcqueen that isn't designed by lee.