Alexander McQueen Alien shoe.....


Aug 8, 2011
I want the first ones on this page......the ones that are by
the alien from the movie "Alien".

Were they ever really in production??? Any idea how much they cost
if they were in production???
Most shoes were made for runway only.
The only shoes from this collection that went into production were the Titanic ballerina pumps But you were able to buy the runway shoes by contacting Alexander McQueen head office. I believe that most of the shoes were snapped up quite quickly but they might still have some you never know. I managed to get a pair of unused prototype shoes designed for A/W 09 collection at the sample sale that never went into production so thy might have some shoes that were made but never used in the show. I heard that the armadillo shoes were priced between £3,000 and £10,000. If you get in contact with them let me know what happened. GOOD LUCK :biggrin: