Alexander McQeen Novak clutch - pic

  1. I think this clutch is adorable. :love: What do you guys think of it?

    Price: $1,125.
  2. Love it.
  3. Beautiful!!!
  4. love it more without the chain.
    love it less for that price!!
  5. I absolutely agree!!!!

    It's pretty but looks a little too space age for me. I can see this in a futuristic setting.
  6. Was absolutely infatuated with this till I scrolled down and saw the price....but what an elegant little number.
  7. lol totally agree!
  8. I agree with Fayden too! The chain is off.
  9. Really cute! I'm a big fan of the Novak still
  10. Like it a lot (w/o the chain), but really :love: the mini novak version...

    from NAP site:
    Mini Novak.jpg
  11. The traditional Novak is my favorite, but I love the bag in all of its variations.

    I always get tons of compliments when I carry my black, and the best part is that even in NYC, I have yet to see anyone else carrying this bag. I love that McQueen makes the bag in very limited quantites.
  12. I'm so in love with this bag! It's coming soon in some pretty exotic leathers. I'm sure it will always be wayyy too expensive for me, but a girl can dream...:love:
  13. such a small big with such a HUGE price tag!! :shame:
  14. Love that little clutch - and like the shoulder strap too (Yes, I like space-age design). Its both stylish and a bit different, not everyone would wear it. But for the price, I prefer the small novak... (can't wait until my red gets here, LVR - please hurry!):love:
  15. I didn't know there was a mini. I like that even better!:love: