Alexa vs SBS

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  1. I have a "problem", I recently found out that I love the SBS. I already have an Alexa (and a small Bayswater buckle) and am worried that the Alexa and the SBS are too similar to justify a purchase?

    I will only carry the bags as croasbody bags and I will never ever get rid of the Alexa so there is no option to sell the Alexa and get the SBS.

    Sooo, I need nice arguments to justify a SBS purchase. Please help me :smile:
  2. Well what a lovely 'problem' to have 🙂

    You could say that some of my bags are samey


    I say go for it!

    Problem solved
  3. If you like them and they work for you, there's no problem. I say buy!! :graucho:
  4. Oh no, they're almost completely different! :graucho:

    I have two SBS (oxblood & oak), and tend to use them as my work bags (in addition to my Aspinal laptop bag) as I think the structure of the bag makes them a little smarter. I also have an evergreen panel Alexa that I love, but it feels more casual so is reserved for non-work outings.

    So there you are, all the justification you need, honest :roflmfao:
  5. Very different i have had and sold every sbs and sdr i owned as way too small for me...on me they look silly cross body alexa is as small as i can go for a cross body bag
  6. Elvis, that's true, the SBS feels odd cross body. I only carry it in the crook of my arm or on my shoulder.

  7. Do you find the Alexa odd crossbody as well or is it only SBS? Will not carey it in the crook of my arm since then I think it is very similar to the buckle I have... And on shoulder is not really my way of carrying bags.

  8. For me it works perfectly well cross body (on the longest the strap will go) and I'm 5'5 ish or using the long strap on one shoulder, it's sits just right and then when I'm hoping in and off the tube I just carry it

    Never carried it non my shoulder as he straps aren't long enough for me

    I carried my Alexa in exactly the same way
  9. I carry my Alexa cross body, but I prefer to carry on my shoulder generally.

    I've heard plenty of people also say that they happily wear the SBS cross body too, so suggest it's just down to personal preference. Can you go into a shop to try one before you make up your mind?
  10. The Alexa is a casual bag in my opinion where as the sbs is smarter-more structured and lady like! So very different I think.
  11. Hi guys. What does everybody think of the small primrose versus the SBS? I have bought the SBS in oxblood red and love it but I saw the primrose in mixed panel colours at Bicester and thought it was quite cute. At the the time I didn't buy as I thought it was too similar and in size to the SBS but I keep thinking about it. Also is the lock fidely, I noticed it opened differently?

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    Ayear ago I was lucky enough to buy an O/S black soft buffalo Alexa andan Aubergine East West Mitzy (bit of a long story but splurgedafter winning court case againstex-employer - did all my own case work
    Ialso have a black Sofia and Butter Mitzy; all were acquired second hand butconfirmed as genuine (all come with receipts, checked serial tags,dustbags etc.).
    Iwanted an Alexa for so long and it was a huge personal achievement to get suchan amazing bag, but when I got her I wasn't overly impressed with the sackof potatoes impression when placing down on surface of anything and the lack ofstructure to the bag drove me insane. Plus the idea of idiots on the Tubesmacking into her meant that for the past year she’s sat in her dustbag whilstI reverted to using a Fossil Emerson as my work bag.
    RecentlyI decided to stop being such an idiot and just crack out my Alexa to see if Iget on with her. Today was the day and I am somad at myself for not using her more over the past year I have had her, because she’sbeen an absolute joy to carry!!
    Iwill be completely honest here, she was a total bargain compared to some of theprices I have seen; I paid £350 inc P&P for her. She is marked as an ‘0’although there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with her, the leather is perfect,not a scratch anywhere, stitching perfect??
    Am I alone in my paranoia of buying a mulberry and then treating them like anunexploded bomb and not using them in case they get scratched or have othershad similar experiences??