Alexa vs older classics

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  1. I finally got my Alexa in Oak yesterday after 2 or 3 years of wanting one and I feel like I'm waiting to fall in love with it. My other bags (Roxys) just feel so much more substantial. Alexa also came to me with some slightly flaws (light scratch and a very small dent on the front hardware, a couple of small spots on the back of her) as I think she was a floor model which irked me. Not planning on returning though as I did get her for $225 less than retail and saved paying tax. Buying direct from Mulberry or NAP would cost me about $350 more which isn't worth it when I'll inevitably cause my own wear.

    Alexa owners - any thoughts on your bags after some use? I'm hoping the leather will soften up with use, I did bring her to work today. Did Collonil spray last night and might try the gel tonight for some softening and hopefully blending of the small spots.
  2. I know how you feel about the flaws - I suspect the darker marks on the back of my pebbled beige silky snake Alexa were from being rubbed against something in the store. That said, she is beautiful and I don't regret buying her. I think I got 10% off her but didn't realise that the store was having its summer sale the following week - when I got a bigger reduction on the midnight blue version.

    The silky snake isn't really an everyday bag, so I haven't used them enough to know how they hold up. Other posts have reported using a bag organiser to keep everything spaced out inside, which might help, or an insert to keep the base firm. I'd hope a bag of that price would retain its shape without extra assistance though!

    What worries me is that you're "waiting to fall in love" with your oak Alexa - with me, it was instant love and I hope that you do grow to love her! Are you happy with the style/feel/look of her? If so, remember that bags are working items and you're bound to get the odd knock or spot, so don't feel bad about the ones she has!

    Enjoy her in good health!! :biggrin:

  3. Thanks for your sharing your input and experience! With my Alexa, I really do adore the style, I kind of just wish the leather felt a little thicker. I wasn't expecting it to as I knew that NVT and Darwin are superior leathers. I expect my love to grow as she softens up. It's just the most money I've ever spent on any single item other than a computer so that may me contributing towards my reserve!
  4. I do understand your worry about the cost - the only upside of that is that Mulberry bags do seem to hold their value and become investment pieces. The Bayswater is my favourite "classic" style but I find the Alexa more manageable for everyday wear. The Bayswater SBS might be my next purchase, I suspect! :biggrin:

    A few years ago, I bought a Kate Spade red patent Victoria baby bag and had so many sleepless nights about it! It is still a gorgeous bag, looks fantastic and I've certainly had my "cost per wear" value out of it! The downside was that I went on to buy heaps more from a lovely lady in New York - several from her own private collection - and then progressed to Anya Hindmarch and Mulberry! I do have two young daughters, though, so I always justify my purchases with "You'll have these some day!" Hmm. Some day ...

    I do think the Alexas soften with wear, from what I've read from other posts. I'm happy that my midnight silky snake is quite rigid, but I'll be equally happy when she softens with age.

    I hope you have years of happy use from yours; perhaps you could post a photo? I'm still trying to upload one of mine but am clearly a technophobe! Hey ho.


  5. Yes I plan on taking an updated "family" pic with Alexa included! There are pics in the authentication thread but not the most flattering!
  6. I've found your photos in the authentication thread and she's a lovely colour! I think you'll get much more use from yours than I will from my silky snake versions! And if you got her at a bargain price, so much the better! :biggrin: