Alexa vs mini Cara

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  1. Does anyone have both of these bags? How do they compare in what they can hold?

    Thank you so much!!!
  2. i can't compare capacities because I have mini Alexa not the regular, but in general the Alexa is so much easier to deal with than my Mini Cara (which holds a good deal, more if you are ok with everything having its place vs opening the bag and tossing something in blind).

    The handles of the mini cara don't elbow crook well. Crossbody isn't an option because the strap isn't long enough. Hands free with no worries it will slip off is backpack style which I am not a fan of for my use. What I found really annoying was that w/o closing the buckle on the handles they flop over, but if you buckle them together you have to unbuckle it to get anything out. I found it a very fussy bag to use.

    I loved the alexa for over the shoulder and crossbody. You can hand carry them but I didn't care for the look. Getting into it was much easier than the mini. Honestly I could have carried it forever when it came time to switch to another bag.
  3. I had both! I would go alexa!

  4. Thank you - I actually have a few Alexas :smile: so it's not really about one or the other - I found the medium Cara to be a bit heavy and haven't seen the mini in person. Im curious if the Cara mini might hold a similar amount to the Alexa . Could you comment on that? Thank you!

  5. Thank you for this super honest reply. Definitely something I will think about and great insight to have.

    Could you comment on what your Cara mini holds?

    Thank you!

  6. I would def say the alexa held more, also it was lighter and easier to carry IMO. The denting from the handles started to bother me though on my Cara, I had the blue mini quilted it was very lush super soft! I mostly carried it as a backpack but now I have a balenciga traveller as a backpack instead.

  7. I've got a mini quilted Cara & i can fit just what I need in her. I have a mulberry pouch slotted in at the front ( the 22cm by 15cm one ) which JUST fits.
    Then I have a French purse, coin purse, small pouch & a cath kidston card case filling the rest of the space. Because of the square shape I can then fit sunglasses or an umbrella length ways on top of my purse & little pouches. Hope that makes sense ?! Sounds s bit rambling to me ha xx
  8. I don't carry much but I got a larger wallet stuff with cards, 16oz water bottle, pocket pack of tissues, band aid holder (because shoes rub and paper likes to cut me), small bottle of hand sanitizer and small compact with room enougj to get a mini umbrella in. But I did have to be creative in puzzling it all in if I really wanted to stuff it full.

    Don't get me wrong, I liked it, but think an SBS is easier due to longer handles that stay up without being strapped in place.
  9. Hello all - as you are talking about the Alexa I wonder if you can help me with your combined experience - I have an oversized Mulberry Alexa (I think - and a genuine one too) which I obtained from a thrift store in excellent condition apart from only some bottom corner scuffs through use (otherwise everything else is perfect). I want to know if it's possible to just refurbish this minor scuffing somehow or other - thanks :smile:
  10. I have regular Alexa and mini Cara, and the Alexa definitely holds more.

    I find mini Cara a great size for weekends when I just need to carry a few essentials - fits continental purse, iPad mini, pouch, hairbrush, phone etc. As Aerinha says, you have to slot things in the right way rather than just throwing things in though! I use it mostly as a backpack, sometimes handheld or over shoulder. You can clip the two straps together to make a long one, but you'd probably want to set them at different lengths so the clips don't dig into your shoulder where they join. I have the SBS in the same colour and leather, so can use that for cross body if I need to.

    I love my Alexas too, but am actually moving one on as I don't often need a bag that size at weekends so having two seems a bit much! The oak one is going nowhere though - such a classic...
  11. Mini Cara holds tonnes. Mini alexa holds a good deal less IMO. I love both don't get me wrong but the alexa is easier to use I think. I would say my mini Cara is used on the days I want to carry twice as much as I do when I have my alexa out.

  12. Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!

  13. This is super helpful thank you :smile:

  14. This is super helpful. I have three Alexas and LOVE them. They hold a ton!

    I just found the medium Cara to be a bit heavy with all the hardware needed to convert it three ways. Oh decisions lol :smile:

  15. Thank you! I was actually think regular Alexa vs. the mini Cara but it sounds like the mini Cara holds quite a bit less. This is really helpful though. Do I recall you wishing you had the medium Cara? Did that change?

    Thank you so much for responding!!!