Alexa: To Return or Not to Return?

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  1. Hello,

    I purchased the oversized Alexa in oak as a birthday present to myself after obsessing over it for many months. I am a graduate student, so I was looking for a casual everyday bag for now that I ultimately might take to work once I graduate and have a job.

    I have yet to use the Alexa. I am hesitant about the size and whether I will use it often enough to make it worth the cost. Part of me thinks I should return it, get the smaller Lily in oak for an everyday bag and get the Celine luggage as a work bag after I graduate. If I returned it, I probably would get the Alexa clutch in oak as a consolation prize since I really do love the look of the Alexa line.

    I would love any input or suggestions. Time is running out to return it, so I need to make a decision soon!

  2. Hello, sorry to hear you aren't sure about your Alexa. I have a similar situation as I have just bought an OS Black Lexie, and am not sure I'll use her either. I have the regular Alexa in oak and love it tho...have you thought about trying the smaller size?
  3. I have opted for the regular size for both of my Alexas too as it suits my lifestyle better and looks more in proportion iykwim? If you are still to use her and are already aware of the reasons holding you back, maybe you should return her and pick a size that's more 'you'. It's too expensive a bag to just linger in your wardrobe.
  4. I got mine with hesitation, thinking about lower quality and all those issues of oak leather, but I must say that it is the bag which I choose every morning to go with for 2 months straight now, because it is so easy, worry free and gorgeous. I do not worry about babying it, I am actually eager to get it wrinkled even more :smile:)) I am happy with how much it holds and how well it looks (I have OS and am 5'6). For heavier stuff I always take large tote.
  5. Hi Janban11

    I love the look of the Alexa but as you are was unsure for an everyday bag. There are a few threads re the quality issue of some and also how much they will hold. If you have a look back you will find them and that may help you decide.

    Have you considered a normal size Bays if you want it to carry a lot of stuff in?

    Sorry I can help more.;)
  6. I recently got an OS Alexa in black. At first I was a bit unsure, but as I needed a larger messenger for the winter, I decided to give it a chance. Now I totally LOVE it! It gets nicer the more I use it, it is so soft and slouchy. I almost prefer the buffalo leather to darwin, because it is so lightweight. I cannot comment on the durability yet, but so far so good. I also got a good tip, that if you double the strap, then you can also use it as a shoulder bag.

    However, it is a lot of money and therefore, you have a big decision to make. I love the OS Alexa and just wanted to let you know how I first felt about the bag and how I changed my mind.
  7. ooh this is a tough question, as my standard answer would be that if you are not really feeling the love, you should return. BUT .....

    time and time again, we have had people not being that enamoured with the Alexa and then have completely fallen in love with it after using it for a while - its a bag that grows on you, honestly ;) !

    Lilly is gorgeous, I would love one too, but not instead of an Alexa as you cannot get much in it really.
  8. I personally love the lily and the alexa. I think you should go back to the shop and see which one you prefer when you see them both together.
  9. Thank you to everyone for your helpful advice! It is really nice to know that I am not alone in this dilemma. I will take all of your input into account and let you know what I end up deciding.
  10. Students clearly have more money now than in my day!

    I love the Celine tote, so classic. If a choice between the two I would choose that. But the alexa and the luggage tote are worlds apart. Messenger/ handheld, casual/formal, it really depends on your lifestyle and style.
  11. It's a tough choice... I have both OS and reg Alexa, and love both very much. I got my OS Alexa first because I wanted a biggish bag for work (and other). Think it is great for that, and love the look of this size. But think little inky is perfect for days when I want/need to carry less, and great when travelling/holidays. It also feels better as a messenger bag imo (I'm only about 5'2''). However, if forced to choose between them, I'd have chosen my OS OL Alexa..

    It probably would help to try both on, and see what feels best (in addition to decide how much you need to carry around). Good luck choosing, and please let us know what you deciede.
  12. Thank you again to everyone for sharing their advice and experiences. I decided to return the oversized Alexa. The next time I am in NY I am going to go to the Mulberry store and try on the regular sized Alexa. If I am happy with the size, I will get it. If not, I will get the much smaller Lily. I am looking forward to having a fabulous new Mulberry bag soon!
  13. oh please keep us updated if you get the regular alexa one or another new bag ;). I found the regular one big enough for work, I am using it everyday now since I got it. And I even thought of returning it, but it's a great bag :smile:.