Alexa Straps

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  1. I have an O/S Alexa and as I'm quite small (5ft), I find the strap is slightly too long especially when I carry it on the shoulder.

    Anyone actually or considered punching a couple of extra holes in their strap to make the strap shorter...? If you did - where did you take it to have it done?
  2. Hi, many of us did that - especially the very first one was VERY long! Any leather/shoe shop will do, I think. My local shop did it free for me.
  3. thanks ratrat! will head to one this lunch time!
  4. I did the same Ruthie as I'm a shortie too.
  5. if you find it too long you could double the strap up like shown here. I was too scared to put holes in my alexa strap so when I think it's too long I just follow this!
  6. Awww... cute! Yes- i'm a shortie - just about make it to 5ft...!!
  7. I tried that but wasn't too keen on it.. and was worried that i would ruin the straps when using it that way for a long period... plus - i like messenger bags!
  8. how many additional holes did you punch?
  9. I managed to get it done for free at my Timpsons close to work. A lovely old lady did it for me. I was a little worried that it would be a man (who doesn't appreciate handbags) and would ruin it for me!! but it was perfect. I added extra 3 holes ... although I'm thinking another extra hole or two might be better!
  10. That is what I do to my OS Oak - and I was amazed the other day when I saw another girl carry her OS Oak with the strap the same way - another TPFer possibly?
  11. possibly! I saw a girl the other day who did that to her mini watermelon alexa.

    Oh and another girl with an o/s oak alexa!
  12. I don't do it very often because I'm worried about the straps and prefer it messenger too!
  13. Could be! Or maybe someone who just reads TPF. I've never seen anyone else do it though!
  14. At least in Stockholm M stores they sometimes display Alexa bags with the strap doubled.
  15. I had a regular Alexa once, I tied a knot on the strap, like the PS1 bags.
    Just got a Bayswater satchel and the long strap is an issue again. I made three extra holes, but not sure if I'll use them, since I like the strap to be very short.
    I may end up with the knot again this way I can make it messenger style very fast.
    ruthie_1 ..Did you try the knot?