Alexa Sleeky

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  1. thank you but it's GONE already!
  2. The nightshade is gone! But I think both sizes of the Beige is still available, I was able to add it to my cart
  3. I'm hanging out for the Nightshade, but in any case I don't see a 30% discount - the beige Regular Alexa is £950 in the UK but currently over £1000 on Far Fetch!
  4. I need advice from Alexa ss owners... Does the bag slouch like the normal Alexa... Looks v stiff brand new and I love slouchy bags... I know the leather is thicker, just wondering how she wares...

    Any help much appreciated!!! :biggrin:
  5. After 4 months of use, she is now starting to slouch finally...
  6. Please say you still love her a bit slouchy! just ordered mine at last!
  7. Thanks so much!!! I was hoping so.... :biggrin:
  8. Really love the silky snake, especially in nightshade, one of my favourite mulberry colours :smile:
  9. Yes Cocorose, she is still adorable ;)
  10. Hi there i have a alexa buckle bag and she is gorgeous got her from Mulberry but yest i bought a silky snake in blue from Ebay (i know but i have been dying for one and missed the boat in store) she feels very different to my other bags hard and there are a few cracks in the leather can you do me favour and desribe how your leather feels am now worried its a fake even though i have the receipt many thanks lizzylovesmul
  11. It is really beautiful! Congratulations!
  12. Why dont you take the relevant photos and upload them to the Authenticate This thread where the kind ladies will take a look and let you know.
  13. I remember being daunted by the thought of looking around the forums but you will find lots of help on here :smile: Good luck.
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