Alexa Sleeky

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  1. Hello ladies! It seems this bag is quite controversial for some. The leather on the actual bag is thick. I'm not sure how any lifting could happen as the "scales" are all large, pressed and continuous. The scales on the long strap though are thin, I think this is because the scales are very small and perhaps could potentially have some lifting? But I don't know as I haven't seen any on my bag. I suppose (for the confused ones out there. :graucho: ) if you really like this model, carefully choose the scale patterns to put your mind at ease ;)
  2. The scales are pressed, but in a few places the process has resulted in the surface of the leather being cut slightly. It looks as if just the very top shiny/finished surface has been sliced through and beneath it is the rest of the thick leather. On the bags I saw there were 3 or 4 bits of split leather. Not just the alexa but a khaki postmans lock satchel also. The cuts are not large, a few mil on the under side of the scales, but they are there.
  3. Noticed one in HOF recently, scales on the strap that hangs down on the front of the bag had lifted showing "white" underneath. I would say if you are looking for a bag to use daily this is not the bag to choose.
  4. Just wish I could feel half as excited about another bag....
  5. Really lovely! Congrats!
  6. I've been using mine daily, for work and at weekends, for just over three weeks now. Early days but no scales are lifting.
  7. :bump:

    May I just check in to see how owners of the Nightshade Alexa are feeling with their purchases & if there's any peeling now that it's probably few months down the line? :flowers:

  8. No peeling with mine, still looking as gorgeous as before :giggles:
  9. No peeling here either, she is looking as gorgeous as one day 1! Love all my M bags but this one is the most stunning imo.
  10. The scales on mine are fine, after just over two months of consistent daily use, including getting caught in a shower on a couple of occasions (has been colloniled to death!). She's probably slightly slouchier than when new. The only other sign of use is a few minor scratches on the hardware but I guess that could happen on any bag.
  11. Thank you gagabag, Loveheart, and Londoncat for sharing! :flowers:

    I think I know what I'll be getting myself for my bday next month! :graucho:
  12. hello ladies, i have the same in regular size (small?) and all of the scales on mine look fine and i dont think they are going to peel. leather is very sturdy and i so love it! its a real beauty and for some who are thinking about getting it, will not regret it.
  13. it's beautiful - I definately need to finally get my own Alexa, I am really obsessed with it! Love yours, congrats!
  14. Hello ladies! Thought I'd give you an update on my silky snake. She's holding up pretty well despite daily abuse :biggrin: She's starting to slouch a bit as you can see from the recent photos. No peeling, just as gorgeous as before! I'm so pleased with it!

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  15. :faint: :drool:

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