Alexa Sleeky

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  1. Beautiful, I tried it IRL when it first came out and fell in love. Price tag out me off and I was worried about how it would bare up with day to day use - so please let us know how you get on with her.

    She's stunning, congratulations on a wonderful bag!
  2. I have the same bag, using today as well and I love it.
    Imvho it is one of the classiest M bags from the current generation. No peeling has occured either, and the SA told me if it peels heavily showing the white interlining, I can return it
  3. I'm using my silky Alexa as an everyday bag and it's great! No peeling yet. So worth the money! Only thing that you have to be 'careful' with is the long shoulder strap as the scales are smaller and more delicate :smile:
  4. Congrats on your new bag! She's beautiful! Hope to see her again here when she gets a bit softer :smile:
  5. #50 Mar 7, 2012
    Last edited: Mar 7, 2012
    Oooh thank you all! She's a real beauty and sooo worth it! I'll post some of her pics again in a few months if she ever gets more "relaxed".

    Harlow1 and loveheart, it's good to know you're enjoying yours too, bagtwins! :smile:
  6. She is gorgeous, I hope all of you lucky silky snake alexa owners enjoy her.... I've managed to get myself an Ink Alexa so I won't be able to have one now... sad face
  7. Think this is my all-time fav mulberry bag....very tempted!
  8. Hi lulu09! That's ok, ink alexa is gorgeous too! ;)

    Oh Cocorose, I will tempt you it! You won't regret it :graucho:
  9. You're enabling me, thank you!:lol:
  10. Your bag is simply beautiful. I saw the regular one in local department store here & i have to say it looks impressive! I haven't felt this way about Mulberry bags for a while as all the new styles are way too blingtastic for my liking.
    But this one is gorgeous! Hope you can carry it for many years ahead with no problem.
  11. I saw this today in Mulberry Leeds and I have to say the leather was already peeling. It is absolutely beautiful but i would not dare risk it. It sounds like the SA's are expecting it to peel too.
  12. What a beautiful bag, love the colour and scales:biggrin:
  13. So sad that another peeling bag has been spotted in-store! Ladies, any chance of a photo if you see a shabby SS? I have visited two different M stores this week and was reassured by SAs in both that the worst that could happen is a little lifting of the scales which will not reveal white SA actually laughed at such a suggestion! I am hanging on for the moment, having almost decided to take the plunge next week as it's my birthday.....:thinking:
  14. Confused as well! I'm in the same boat as I am thinking about it for my birthday in two weeks time but the peeling is really worrying me :sad:

    If anyone does get a chance to take a picture of any peeling on the silky snake alexa, please do post them.

    So confused about what to do!
  15. The layer of leather that was peeling at the edges of the scales was incredibly thin. I couldn't see what was underneath it but I would worry about it catching on something and ripping further. Obviously I didn't pull any lifting scales but they did look incredibly thin and delicate. It was my husband who noticed it and he just considered it to be shoddy quality. Such a shame as its a beautiful bag. I got a black alexa which has gone away for my birthday next month.
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