Alexa Repair Advice

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  1. Need a bit of advice here, please...

    This is the letter I wrote to Mulberry CS on Aug 29th:

    Since purchasing my Oversized Alexa in Oak earlier this year, several problems have occurred. I am attaching photographs to illustrate these. Firstly, one of the side straps comes undone every time I use the bag. It seems to me that this may be due to the hole being slightly too large for the peg. Secondly, despite regular use of Collonil on the bag, as advised, it seems to have acquired a lot of colour transfer (which you can see in the picture illustrating the problem with the side strap). Thirdly, the leather loop that the D ring attaches to seems to be coming loose on one side of the bag.

    I am disappointed that these issues have arisen so soon after purchase and hope very much that this does not speak to the quality of the bag. I also own a Roxanne, and am impressed with its quality and durability, which seemed to be Mulberry hallmarks.

    I am happy to send the bag for your repair, but would rather not post such an expensive item. However, I do live near the Westfield store and would be willing to drop it off there. Please advise.

    So I took it in there and assumed it was being repaired. (Incidentally, I know I could try to deal with the colour transfer myself - I just thought that while they were fixing the structural issues, they might be able to do that too!) Westfield just called me tonight and said Mulberry were unable to repair the bag. They've offered me an exchange, but they're out of stock of the bag and said they're expecting them sometime in the next month. They said they could get Bond Street to send one over. Or they could take the bag back and give me vouchers.

    The thing is that the bag was a special congratulations gift from my husband, and I've had it since February/March time, so I feel like it's worn in a bit as *mine*. I don't want to exchange it for one that I haven't bonded with, or that doesn't have grainy leather. And also, mine's one of the Made In England ones, which I just prefer.

    I also feel like I could maybe botch a fix myself (I was putting a hair elastic round the strap to stop it from coming loose - so I'm sure there must be a more elegant version of that solution!) and carry on with it. BUT I'm disappointed they couldn't fix it, and I don't feel like I should just take it back and get nothing in return. I don't think this should have happened with such an expensive bag. I'm also annoyed it's taken them almost three weeks to tell me they can't repair it.

    What do you all think I should or could do?

    Thanks :smile:
  2. That sounds awful and I'm really sorry that it had to happen to a bag that was special to you and one that you loved. My honest opinion though is that you should take the exchange or vouchers. You should not try to botch up such an expensive bag. You will probably feel sad every time you look at it if your repair job is less than perfect. It is too expensive an item to compromise on really. A word of warning too, I put a big dark mark on mulberry oak buffalo leather trying to clean off colour transfer with a wet wipe. Plus even if you do a good job, the transfer will come back most likely. Also if you try to repair it yourself then the bag won't be covered by warranty anymore.

    I hope you can work out what to do for the best xx
  3. Although your bag was a congratulations gift from your husband don't get too hung up on it being the actual bag. For the price paid you deserve a fabulous bag - not one you have to try and repair yourself. If you get a replacement your husband still paid for this bag too iykwim?
  4. redspark - if you took the vouchers, how about if you and your husband chose another bag together? :biggrin:
  5. Good idea minimabel.
  6. I agree with IWANB - if you try a DIY repair job you might find that you will not be covered if something else goes wrong. I have to say that I am growing saddened to read of so many people having problems with their Alexas and relieved that I no longer have either of mine.
  7. Thanks, all. I do love my Alexa though. Do you think if I went to Bond Street, I would get a few to choose from?

    I know others have said that Alexa is not a workhorse bag, and I think I assumed it would be, given the satchel nature. Do you think it simply can't withstand everyday use? I.e. will I have problems with another one?
  8. Imho, it is not an everyday bag, not if you want it to last for years. Something like bays would be better for that, I think.
  9. I'm a real crossbody bag kind of girl though... and the Alexa style really does suit me. I don't know... if I decided to keep my bag, do you think Mulberry would give me some vouchers as well as a goodwill gesture? I'm torn between this and getting a new Alexa (if I can find one I like as much)...
  10. I'm not sure, sorry.I think they have done this sometimes for people though. Best thing to do is to ask them. Please let us know how you get on xx
  11. Yes, I think I will ring customer services tomorrow. I always feel anxious and usually end up settling for less than I should in these situations. But you've all helped, and I agree about it being sad that there seem to be so many problems with the Alexa. It's such a great design (I think) - I wish it was a bit more robust. Will let you know how I get on... fingers crossed...
  12. Hi Redspark,
    If I were in your position I would take the vouchers and find another oak Alexa that you like in exchange.
    If you take vouchers as compensation and then something else goes wrong they may refuse to fix it. Or if you try to fix it yourself and something else happens it, they may say that you altered and refuse to fix it.
    I Know that you have "bonded" with this bag but I think that the bag is far to expensive to develop such problems, in such a short space of time. I'm sure you will find another Alexa with leather that you love.
  13. take the vouchers and then go shoppign with hubby to either select another alexa or see if there is something else more sturdy you both like?
  14. Thanks, girls. I think I will go to Bond Street and see if there are a few Alexas to choose from. I love the way the bag looks. I guess I'm going to need to find another, sturdier bag as well!
  15. Been thinking about this a bit more (can't go to Westfield until tomorrow) - and wanted to ask: is there any reason they wouldn't give me the original bag back as well as giving me vouchers? I mean, if it's unrepairable, and they obviously can't sell it on, it can't be worth anything to them, right? Whereas it has great sentimental value to me and I'd really like to keep it...