ALEXA, please clarify, is it Made in China or UK?


Jul 20, 2008
Alexa Oak in Medium size has been in my mind lately, but when I spoke to NY Mulberry SA, she said they're Made in China. I emailed Mulberry CS directly, she said Made in UK. Where it's made is really a big deal to me when I'm buying a pricey bag, Made in China really bugs me.

I'm not familiar w/ Mulberry brand, maybe you ladies can straighten out the real deal here.

Last question, does the Made in China bothers you too, like I do?
Jul 9, 2009
Hi there- Im afraid I think its pot luck!! most of the alexas so far seem to be made in UK but its not guaranteed as Mulberry manufacture in many countries including china and turkey - like you Im always happier when the tag says made in the UK but quality control SHOULD be the same whereever it is made- I suspect as its become so popular they will be churning them out everywhere so there will be more with non UK tags
Feb 18, 2010
I remember reading somewhere in this forum that the laws guarding such regulations state that as long as a certain % of the bag is made in a particular country, it can be tagged as "Made in Country A".

I am not sure about the exact %, but an example would be something like the leather being processed and metted out in Country B, bag sew in Country B but if you fix the buttons and lock in country A, then the bag qualify as "Made in Country A".

Moving forward, I guess it is inevitable to have more MIC products or spare parts, but Mulberry always prides itself as a UK brand made in UK. So, i guess even it does have parts from China, Mulberry would have a stringent QC process.:smile:


Sep 20, 2008
One of my better made bags from Mulberry was made in China, the worst actually came from Turkey - depends entirely on the seamstress I guess.

Tote Girl

Nov 25, 2008
The tooled Bayswaters and most probably other tooled bags have always been made in China so it's not a recent occurance having bags made there at all. Those bags are quite sought after and command high prices.

The lax country of origin rules that operate around the globe makes "made in labels" pretty meaningless unless you are talking about Hermes or some smaller niche labels.


I've just checked my reg ink alexa and it states made in england. Having said that I'm not really too fussed as long as the bag is ethically made and of good quality.


Jan 4, 2010
heard of similar things too,if 70% of the bag is made in country A, the tag should say Made in Country A. .. (heard somewhere from the news, further evidence needed to prove)


per aspera ad astra
May 27, 2009
Newcastle, UK
I've just checked my reg ink alexa and it states made in england. Having said that I'm not really too fussed as long as the bag is ethically made and of good quality.
There's the rub, really - whether it's been produced ethically. What do we know about Mulberry's Chinese factories/workers? I'm honestly not suggesting there are unethical practices going on - just wondering if we have any idea of conditions, pay, etc. It's something that's been bothering me for a while, and not just with regards to Mulberry. Does anyone have any reassuring info about this?

Sarah Lizzie

Feb 11, 2010
Personally I would not want a bag that was made in China /Turkey etc, as I try as hard as possible to make sure I do not purchase anything that states Made in China etc. Some may think me absolutely barking but that's just me! I feel really strongly about this!
If it really bothers you as much as it would me I'd contact Mulberry directly for a definite yes or no regarding the bags origins. Good luck! S xoxox


Aug 12, 2009
i have never seen made in china on any designer bag...none of mine at least. i would never want a bag that says made in china. i have always seen either made in france / italy. can someone post pics of this?? im sort of shocked...
Jul 9, 2009
I know its silly but I always feel better if my tag says made in england too- its a british brand and its part of its appeal to me