Alexa liner/organiser for Mrs Flopperty

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  1. I know this question has been asked a thousand times before and there are lots of bits and pieces on here but would really love to know which bag organiser fits the standard size Alexa

    My Buffalo leather regular sized Alexa has gone too slouchy and whereas I do like the slouchy look she does need a tad more structure

    So I am looking for a fairly firm organiser that fits well. I have used Tintamar before but these are squashy and dont help with the shape. I do have a base shaper

    Ideas please
  2. Same here! I would really like an organizer! My bag has been a absolute mess lately!
  3. The Samorga liner is an excellent firm organiser. I've always used a business VIP but more from the convenience angle. An organiser makes it so much easier to swap between bags. The Samorga is made out of firm felt and comes in various sizes. If you email Lee from their web site and tell him which bag it is for he will know which size you need and send you a Paypal invoice. They come from Korea and I had mine delivered in about a week.
  4. Thanks Teddies, think this could be just what I need as I definitely want something firmer than the Tintamar. I have already contacted him and he's offered me a suggestion for my Alexa.

    Which bag did you purchase for, some pictures would be great it you have the time.
  5. I bought this one to use in my Alexas having been introduced to them when I bought. Bays Tote which already had one, obviously bigger. They do make a huge difference to a saggy bag. Today I am using my Oxblood shrunken calf which doesn't really need the support of the liner but I've just transferred it from black buffalo.


  6. Can I just ask if there were any additional costs other than the organiser and postage?
  7. Great thread v helpful! l've just emailed them for one for my regular Alexa and they've quoted me £30 with p&p to uk. Thanks teddiescorner :smile:
  8. I have ordered one too for my Alexa. Thanks Teddiescorner for the excellent pictures, they were really helpful. Lee at Samorga seemed very efficient and promptly answered my questions. Can't wait for it to come now.
  9. Looks like a perfect fit - can you remember what the name of the liner was? TIA!

    Edit: just saw your first post saying just to let them know the type of bag - thanks!
  10. No further costs :smile:
  11. I don't think you'll be disappointed. The soft buffalo Lexies certainly benefit from the extra support. No pulling up at the sides or sagging bottom ��
  12. Very helpful pics Teddies. :tup: thank you

  13. This looks like a great liner, I too have used Tintamar before and mostly use pouches now but the pockets on the inside looks so much better. It also looks a perfect fit for the Alexa. My oak leopard Lexy is rather too floppy now and this might be the answer

    There are so many on the website do you know what code this one was, also the colour

    Great post Teddies :tup: think we will all be getting them
  14. Hi, sorry I haven't been back here until now. The colour of mine is Wine and the pocket type is LV-S30-1. Hope this helps :smile:
  15. Thanks Teddies, I have ordered one in dark brown for my Oak Leopard Lexy it's become very relaxed with use after a few years!

    Yours looks great but i thought it was the Indian pink, it doesn't look wine. I love the fact that most of the pockets are on the inside and the plain felt really looks quite classy.

    I can't wait for it to arrive, hope it's a great fit. I will post pics with and without when it arrives