Alexa in oak soft Buffalo - should I buy or not?

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  1. Hi everyone, I've always been drawn to Alexa's and can now buy one in oak at a good price but I'm wondering whether it will be a good investment. What do you think? Should I worry about colour transfer? How does the leather hold up? Would it be worth it to sell my small Jamie for (something would have to go)? Your thoughts are much appreciated!
  2. It's just my personal opinion, but I'd buy an oak Alexa in polished buffalo from the Mulberry sale instead. :smile: It's more hard wearing leather and more structured too. Some like the soft buffalo more though, so it's all about your personal preferences. :smile: I also believe that the Alexas will go fast in the sale as it's going to be discontinued, but maybe somebody will give us a pre-sale link (I'm afraid I don't get one this time). ;)
  3. Good point! I wonder how much those lexies will be as I can get this one for 400 euro. But I do like hard wearing so that might justify the price difference..
  4. It's -30 % in sale I think... So the price difference is still quite big.
  5. Sorry to hijack, but does anyone know when the sale will start? I desperately want an oak Alexa before thryre discontinued but 30% off feels worth waiting for. Thanks :smile:
  6. Soft buffalo is very squashy, a bit wrinkle-prone and on close inspection it's thinner looking than PB, but I personally prefer a smooshy soft buffalo Alexa as I feel the PB is a little bit cardboardy. As Taimi says it's a personal preference.

    Bear in mind that SB Alexas were cheaper than the PB (by about £300!) when buying preloved :smile:

  7. Thank you! I've just been to see the bag and it's too slouchy for me, so I decided not to buy it!
  8. I love my slouchy Alexa, but my mum took one look at the puddle of leather & said "what's wrong with your bag?" :lol: Definitely have a look at Polished Buffalo & see if that suits you better, it's lush in the oak & nowhere near as smooshy as SB :smile:
  9. I like the old buffalo tbh, it's super light and squishy, I like it's casual slouch and carefree nature. Either way the Alexa is a great bag
  10. I like soft and polished buffalo. I have a mini oak Alexa in the soft and love it's squishness. I have a red polished regular Alexa and the firmer shape in the larger bag appeals to me much more. It's more structured and seems more hardwearing.
    The Alexa is a great bag, my first Mulberry love. ��

  11. Pre sale is on in Canada. Just got myself an oak Alexa that I have been waiting for a long time. Love it!