Alexa in my shopping cart...

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  1. Should I do it??? :graucho:
  2. Would you let us stop you?:lol:
  3. I was reading that some people are having problems with the bag. If it's not going to hold up to daily use (I'm not hard on my bags, but do carry wallet, cosmetics case, blackberry, iphone, keys) then I'm going to look for something else. I want to be able to use the messenger strap too.
  4. go for it ;)
  5. So, have you done it?
  6. I'm giving myself another 10 minutes to see if anyone talks me out of it...
  7. I use my OS everyday for work - and I fill it FULL!
  8. I believe you have gone to the wrong place to be talked out of it ;)
  9. I think you should do it. You'll regret it later if you miss getting the colour you want :smile:
  10. #10 Sep 17, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 17, 2010
    One Oak Buffalo Alexa is being dispatched...I can always count on my PF peeps to enable me... :biggrin: Thanks!
  11. :yahoo:exciting
  12. :woohoo:
  13. I absolutely adore mine and it's holding up great with heavy use. Congrats on getting the Oak and I can't wait to see your pics!!
  14. Woo how exiting! I cant wait for your reveal pics :yahoo:
  15. Yay, looking forward to your reveal!