Alexa for young girls?

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  1. I think I am going slightley mad....I have begaun to think I might be too old or the Alexa :nuts:.

    Well I am not so old just 36, but I think I mostly wear rather classic outfits so maby thats it. Receently I found I don't grab my alexa which I did before. When I am casual dressed I reach for my Oak Anthony and for more formal occasions I reach for my bays.

    When I look at my alexa I have startet to think I am soon 40 years Old, this is a bag for yonger womans (please dont be offended). Any one else that has been thinking like this?
  2. Mulberry is for all ages, but it's all about carrying models that you feel great with and suit you.

    Some bags might appeal to younger people, and other might only appeal to growns ups =)

    That said, I think you look fab with your Alexa. But no point in keeping it, if you don't use it that often, no matter what the reason might be.
  3. I don't think it's so much an age thing as does the bag suit the way you dress?
  4. Ahem, I am 47 going on 48 soon & have reg/OS Alexa. Now this thread make me concious.... :biggrin:

    Big 5 on horizon, I'm beginning to think perhaps I shouldn't keep my hair too long... Whatever fab figure Maddona has, I don't think she should be dancing in leotard anymore (just my opinion) - eeeek. Next time I go to hairdresser, should I ask for Betty Draper/Francis's hair style? :amuse:

    I'm interested to read other tPFers' opinion!

  5. Ratrat, you really rock your alxa's (am sure you would look fab in a leotard as well but not convinced your DD would approve ;))!!!

    I think a bag suits you if you like it and goes with your style. I can't see anything particularly "young" about the alexa in comparison to other bags other than the way its been marketed.

    The beauty with Mulberry bags is that they suit all ages - its then our choice how to carry them!
  6. noooooo im 25 and love the alexa, i have mainly seen them on younger women.

    i might be completely wrong but i think the younger tend to wear the more unusual alexas???

    the alexsa for all ages :smile:
  7. I think you have nailed it flyetvjo, there might be that I am dressing rather formal, and Alexas are more informal. And most young woman dress more informal hence my thoughts. what do you think?
    I still love my Alexa and think she is beautiful, and I adore the look of her in most womans, so there might be a dressing thing, not an agething
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    Last edited: Sep 13, 2010
    Hello K !

    I agree with Jo , it's down to your own personal style whether Alexa works for you . Also Mulberry is attracting a younger audience with their newer collections , so you do see a lot more younger girls carrying them , maybe thats why you feel conscious .

    RR as for old NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ! I'm the same age as you , 50 doesn't mean you automatically turn "old" ! I would love you all to meet a friend of mine , she also teaches me dance . She's approx 70 , beautiful woman inside and out , stunning figure and is far fitter than the 20 somethings she teaches . As for a leopard leo , ahem no I wouldn't go there but black is fine ;)

  9. I have seen you modellingshots and you look great with your Alexa, and do continue with that long hair :biggrin:
  10. I am soon turning 49 and love my Alexas. I like the slight informal touch of Alexa when using a more formal dress, and when I need to carry A4 the Hobo is perfect. I find both of them elegant looking bags and they go with everything. I often choose bag after how much I will be carrying, and the colour of course has to go with the rest.
  11. The bag is insprired by Alexa Chung, so I think it automatically sort of has a "young edge" in that alexa is a 20 something fashionista.

    But fashion is for everyone, no matter what age at all. I think when we start to think about these things that we go round in circles.

    If you like something, wear it. Not because you think you have to dress in a certain way. The most attractive people are those who carry themselves well and look confident. If Alexa makes you feel special then go for it! :smile:

    Age is only a number, Im 21 and I feel like I can pull off an Alexa (or any bag for that matter) as well as anyone else who loves it. Its not my age that determines what I like or what suits me so much as what I want to say with my style and what makes me feel special.

    Rant over, girls wear your bags with pride!

  12. I don't consider much off limit now I have reached 50, other than short skirts nose rings and tattoos! It's more about how you put yourself together. And that applies at any age.
    Madonna shows that you can keep your figure as it was at 20, but still look appalling in a leotard. Not her body in itself but the overall "granny in a trackie" image. IMO she'd have been better embracing elegance as she aged but that's not her.
  13. I'm 41 and don't feel too old for alexas. I moved mine on because of their functionality but loved the look. I am a very casual dresser though. I agree with the girls that how bags look depends on your style - casual, formal etc rather than your age. I read on another forum that someone felt too old at 35 to carry a pink bag - I thought that was rubbish.

    Ratrat you look is inspirational to me and your long hair is lovely don't believe anything else.
  14. Flossie, I should have said, "Madonna shouldn't expose herself to media/mass communication, dancing in leotard" :biggrin:

    OK so no age barriers in Mulberry! Salicons, if you enjoy it keep it :balloon:

    I didn't mean to ask for compliments but many thanks for reassurance all the same!

    Though I still think, say, 60 will be too much for long straight hair - therefore some 'cut off' point should arrive before that, but not for the time being then :biggrin:
  15. Well I love my Alexa and I'm 37. I've worn it with work business suits and with jeans. I love it as much as the first day I bought it and don't think of it as an age issue at all. It's more about how you feel.
    In fact my Ink Alexa has tempted me back down the Alexa path - but that's a story for another day!