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  1. ^^Everything is down to profit & shareholders nowadays. Look at all the big companies and they use cheaper labour abroad. There was a huge row in this area when Dyson closed their Malmesbury factory and shipped production to Malaysia. Bottom line was it was the only way they could compete.

  2. Well I think that next christmas I`m going to ask my DH for Mulberry shares instead of a Mulberry bag :smile:
  3. some of the craftsmen and others who work with these big names work for fakes which you get for cheaper price and if the craftsmen are so good there then they will def produce fakes ,so why then do we pay a premium for just the label ...might as well buy fakes.

  4. Good plan! Not quite as exciting as a Mulberry box under the tree but the discounts are nice. :graucho:
  5. My Chinese Mulberrys are beautiful quality and have held up fabulously against all the daily abuse I inflict upon them (ditto Turkish ones)! My only concern is the welfare of the workers. Also I'm increasingly concerned with China's human rights record and their animal cruelty record. Trouble is, even if you opt to only buy English made Mulberrys because of this, you're still supporting a company who produces goods made in China... I'm not suggesting for one moment that Mulberry's labour practices are dubious, but clarification on this point from Mulberry with evidence to back it up would be reassuring. Tbh I've been increasingly concerned about this for a while now and it's dampened my love for Mulberry and other brands too somewhat.
    Also, it's true to say that seeing that 'Made in England' tag DOES add an extra tingle of excitement - it feels just that bit more special, what with Mulberry being such an English brand and all.
  6. I must admit I was very disappointed when I saw the tag "Made in Turkey". I felt like I was a bit cheated because I was under the impression I was buying a UK brand made in the UK, though that isn't the company's fault.

    You'd think that with "lax labelling laws", they'd just add finishing touches in the UK and label it from there, even if for our peace of mind?
  7. I agree. I try not to buy anything made in China which is getting increasingly difficult as just about everything seems to be made there. I recently bought a couple of Joseph jumpers in the My Wardrobe sale which went straight back as soon as I saw the made in label. I do not want to assist an economy that thinks its fine to skin cats and dogs alive etc etc

  8. Agreed.
  9. your Mulberry collection Lillemy_74, I am stunned by your collection

    I would also only be concerned about workers being payed fair

    I think that quality varies but not necessarilly in a bad way - Miu Miu coffers made in Turkey are divine (I found that Aldo shoes made in Romania for example are of their heighest quality of leather and craft, interestingly)

    BUT Alexa ? that is a bad quality bag no matter where it is made, comparing to fine bays and other mulberry classics. I fell in love with Elkington now and am looking forward to finding one.
  10. I would not worry about Turkey, since I have amazing experience with the most smooshy, durable and highest quality Miu Miu bags of all Miu Miu that I own being from Turkey. They are famous for craftsmanship.
  11. :tup: Personally I would love to know what the mark up is on all these products! Vast I would imagine!!!!

    For me Mulberry were always a quintessentially English brand that prided itself on handcrafted English goods, and that is why I supported them, I loved the fact that my bags were made at the Rookery in Somerset by local people:love: These companies could easily expand their production lines in the UK but they choose not to as they can make more of a profit for themselves by expanding/ moving production abroad. Once again, pure and simple greed!!! :rolleyes:
  12. I just got my first alexa -- where is the "made in" tag?
  13. It should be located in one of the inside seems in the main compartment of the bag:smile:

  14. :goodpost:
  15. Ah, finally found it -- made in Turkey. Thanks.