Alexa Chung

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  2. Interview:

    Style Advice From Alexa Chung

    23rd May 2016

    Who better to host a Style Clinic than the world’s best-dressed woman, Alexa Chung? At this weekend’s Vogue Festival, she did just that – joined by Fashion Editor Lauren Santo Domingo and Vanity Fair’s Derek Blasberg. Dressed head-to-toe in a printed Gucci suit and this season’s shoe of choice, the loafer – Alexa gave us the lowdown on her own personal style evolution, plus some top tips on how to emulate her effortless look. Here’s what she said…

    When was the first time you thought you had style?
    “The first time I thought I was stylish I was headed to the youth club in an all-brown, velour outfit, I remember thinking ‘I am smashing it today!'”

    Who do you get your style inspiration from?
    “I still look to my music icons, which is basically any member of The Rolling Stones. I’ve always been an uber Jane Birkin and Chloe Sevigny fan, too. Now I think I’m part them, part grandma and part weirdo. My style is definitely evolving, but I’m still wearing flats and obsessed with the ’60s.”

    Where did you shop when you were younger?
    “I spent most of my teenage years hanging out at Tosphop in between castings playing around with looks.”

    What advice would you give to those who can’t afford to invest in designer pieces?
    “I think it’s about reworking what you already have in your wardrobe and seeing your clothes in a new light. If you’re planning on throwing clothes out, think if you can wear them in a different way or reinvent them to work with your style.”

    What is your objective when getting dressed?
    “My objective when I’m getting dressed is not to look sexy. I’d rather look cool than elegant and I just can’t commit to a ‘pretty-pretty’ look. I always have to throw on trainers or a pair of flats – I think that’s the art of modern power dressing.”

    What is your favourite thing about the fashion industry?
    “The discovery that fashion isn’t just about clothes, but that it’s another form of self-expression.”
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  5. Caroline Issa looks beautiful :loveeyes:
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  7. According to this Twitter account Alexa is collaborating with Victoria Beckham for a Spring/Summer collection, which will launch on May 16 2017.
  8. In London today.

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    At the Gucci fashion show on June 2, 2016 in London, England.


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  10. Out in New York City on June 4, 2016.

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    In NYC on June 6, 2016.


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    At the CFDA Fashion Awards in NYC on June 6, 2016.

    With Prabal Gurung and Imran Amed.

    Tumblr, Zimbio

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  14. Presenting the Media Award at the CFDA Fashion Awards.