Alex zip mini tote Reveal!

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  1. I am a huge fan of the smaller bags. I own a couple of the Dylan Mini Speedy's (one of my all time fav bags). Any time I see the word 'mini', I'm on it, I know it's going to me a bag for me.

    Took my chances on the the Alex mini tote in Violet and I LOVE it!! :biggrin:

    I know you can't tell the color very well, but the Violet is beautiful. Zappos has a few items in Violet and I think their pics are a good representation of the color.

    It's not too heavy, it's a great size for me, smaller bag, but will fit a lot, you can tell. It has the functioning zipper that goes all around. Sorry for the crappy pics, but this was the best I could do right now.

    And....another reason to love LP and their customer service, they sent me an email saying they were enclosing a treat. A wrap bracelet and little coin purse.

    So here they are:



  2. this I love! Looks awesome! Thanks for sharing!