Alex Speedy Hardware Question

  1. I just ordered a black Alex speedy from The hardware shown in the picture is silver, but I received gold/brass. There was no notations on the website indicating the hardware color. Endless has offered to send me out a replacement, but I fear it will be the same.

    Have you ladies received the gold hardware when you thought you were getting silver?
  2. I didn't even know that black Alex Speedy with gold hardware exists until I read your post! It must have a very different look - what did you think of it? I believe LP doesn't produce many purses with variants of hardware for that matter, so the same problem never happened to me, but I have received something totally different from what I had ordered from Endless & Amazon more than once.

    I hope you can solve this issue soon, but actually Saks Fashionfix has the same black speedy for an incredible price. (I was VERY tempted as I'm also looking for a black purse for summer but I know this one's a little small for my everyday use) The image shows the one with silver hardware, even though it's not specified so in the description. Does Endless price match? Or if your problem persists, perhaps you can re-order...
  3. The black alex speedy does come with gold or silver. I had one but knew I was getting gold. I have heard endless screws up quite a bit with bags.
  4. The first release of this bag had silver hw and the next, gold.

    you should def get the one from the link that babidius posted. It has silver hw and it's a steal!

    Maybe rehome or return the one that you have now with the gold hw.
  5. Thank you ladies. I have decided to keep the bag and I was able to have Endless price match. I like both hardware colors actually, so the gold works. I would like them to update their site with the correct picture or add in a description about the hardware color.