Alex Sepkus...I’m obsessed! Any fans out there?

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  1. 92349DC4-F245-426B-A748-9C1E0F4E769E.jpeg
    I have a couple of amazing pieces from Alex Sepkus (constellation diamond pendant, earrings and diamond orchard ring) that I love. I absolutely did NOT need this pendant but I fell in love. Half carat of amazing blue sapphire set in a weighty 18k sheild. It feels calming and at the same time empowering. The tiniest diamonds wink around the perimeter.
    His work has such attention to detail I just wondered if anyone else is as smitten with the craftsmanship as I am?
    Why does he seem below the radar? I never see his jewelry on anyone but myself!
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  2. Do you have any pics of your Sepkus?
  3. Alex Sepkus was taught jewelry making by Paul Lantuch. I have a few of his pieces. Look up Lantuch. You’ll be delighted to see the workmanship.
  4. Gorgeous!!!:drool:
  5. I just did and all I can say is WOW!!!
    Craftsmanship is what attracts me to Sepkus and Lantuch is off the charts.
    Thank you for informing me.
  6. Hello....I am a big Lantuch fan...I have many of his rings and earrings. He is one of the best master engravers in the world!
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