Alex Karras has Died

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    List of roles as an actor:
  2. I saw this on Twitter last night and the first thing I thought of was "Webster". Didn't realize he was 77, either. May he RIP, since it sounds like certain death.
  3. I remember him from Webster, 77 boy time flies.
  4. So sad.
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    The name didn't register with me until Webster was mentioned. May he go peacefully.
  6. I hate when people (no one in this thread or forum) count down to the days of someone's death. They already know (most if still conscious) that they are dying, so it kind of grusome and tacky to count it down for them. At least allow the person to have dignity and peace in their death.
  7. Awe, I loved him...... so sad :sad:
  8. Ever see "Blazing Saddles"? He was 'Mongo', the guy who rode a bull and punched a horse (movie style, ya' know).