Alex Diaper Bag

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  1. Is anyone else excited about and considering purchasing this?? I am thinking about getting the stitched patent in either petrol or white. Does anyone know how the white patent wears in terms of denim/color transfer?? Do you think that the petrol is a year round color and would match EVERYTHING?? The petrol is a grayish-blue, a very soft color kind of like washed denim.
  2. I haven't seen these bags in person, but I prefer the white from their website (the blue seemed very periwinkle to me?), is the white an off-white or is it a bright white patent? I love the size and styling of them, and the way you can use it handsfree is great.
  3. I think the white is bright white. The picture of the blue is VERY off on the website. The one I saw was definitely NOT periwinkle. I am so not a periwinkle person!!
  4. yes, i m getting one with pce, 99% at least! i was on the lookout for a diaper bag, almost got the poppy book tote for that purpouse but didnt want to pay so much since my outlet didnt have any... i got so excited when i saw the alex diaper bag yesterday... i will b getting her in black patent as soon as pce shows up :smile:
  5. you already saw them? :nuts:... how big did they look irl, how do they fit under the arm and do u think it fits a lot? i cant wait to see them irl... i take it ur having a boy? since u looked at the blue bag :smile: :smile:
  6. I am considering it! Is there any advantage other than it coming with a baby change pad?

    I am not pregnant yet though, so it seems like I am jumping the gun a little. I'd hate to end up resenting the bag if I end up with fertility issues.
  7. I LOVE the Alex diaper bags!! I don't have a baby, nor am I pregnant (or trying to be)....but it's so adorable I want one anyways LOL.
  8. I was looking at it yesterday on the Coach website and instantly fell in love with it. I've been searching for a great Coach baby bag. I really regret not getting one of the heritage stripe baby bag from last year when I saw it at the outlets. I think this one mught fill the void. Although I am going to have to see it in person first before I make a final decision.
  9. I looked at them last night on the website and I love them! I would lover to get one, but as of late my luck with diaper bags is horrible! (none of which were coach)
  10. i wonder how the alex tote and alex diaper bag look when next to each other? per measurements the alex tote is quite huge (16" in length) but usually diaper bags aren't that small either... how do they compare...? could the ladies that use the alex tote as diaper bag perhaps add a picture of one stuffed into this thread? and how does it look once under the arm...? i could propably go with the tote, but was never crazy about the "bucket style", so the diaper bag sounds exciting...

  11. I don't know what I am having.:biggrin: I am one of the few people left in the world (apparently!) that has actually chosen to be surprised even though I could have found out at my ultrasound. However, I am not worried about my diaper bag matching the gender of my baby. I am worried about it matching MY wardrobe - LOL! I thought that the blue might be neutral enough to match my wardrobe and might be nicer than the black for the summer, but could also be year round. Now I am having doubts though!! I think that I would be paranoid about the white (even though I LOVE it for summer) and I don't do pink purses (LOVE pink accessories though). So, that leaves black and blue. Do you think black patent in summer would look okay? I wear a lot of bright colors in summer, so I am worried that the black will look odd. I wish it came in a Navy!

    I got to see one because I had them take one out of the back for me. It is wider than the current Alex totes and not as deep, so it is easier to access things without digging. It is a BIG bag in my opinion, but the perfect size for a diaper bag. I think that everything you would need for a baby should fit in it without a problem. It has great pockets on the inside. The straps easily fit on my shoulder and stayed on, and it also has the messenger strap. I am going to go back tomorrow to play with them since they will all be unpacked. I didn't get to see them in all the colors because they hadn't unpacked everything yet. I will probably be in the store annoying all the sales people for hours trying to make up my mind!
  12. do u think u can make a pic on the shoulder when u see them tomorrow in the store? my store wont get any in and i have to order sight unseen, i m a bit worried that it may be too large? or next to a regular size tote? that would b awesome!
  13. I will do my best!!! Do they normally let you take pictures in the store (or do I have to be stealth)? I plan on purchasing this bag for sure, but I know that I am on the PCE list, so I won't have it in my possession until then. Worst case scenario - I will be able to post GREAT pictures after the start of PCE on March 4th.
  14. I absolutely love them, but I haven't used a diaper bag since DS was 3 months old. I doubt I would start now :sad:
  15. Why don't you use a diaper bag?? This will be my first and I have always thought that a diaper bag was a necessity.