Alex Curran Sunglasses and Scarf ???

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  1. [​IMG]

    Thanks in advance!
  2. The scarf might be 'Bajra' (check NAP, they have a whole load with coins on). The glasses I'm not sure about but they look a bit like the ones Dita did with Cazal. (have a look at Neiman Marcus) Hope this helps. X
  3. The scarf is actually from Miss Selfridge its about 12 GBP
  4. love the sunglasses must have those:yahoo::yahoo:
  5. that's a cute scarf! i love the bag. anyone know who makes it? thanks :upsidedown:
  6. Its Miu Miu
  7. Alex Curran makes me smile, she wears some awesome things!!
  8. love the sunnies. she also needs to wax that mustache
  9. What! Those sun glasses are not very appealing.
  10. I'm not too crazy about the glasses but I love the scarf.
  11. Don't really care for those shades but I like her style.
  12. I LOVE Alex Curran,lol. I feel really bad because these glasses were in a magazine and it told you the website they were on,but I chucked out the magazine a few days before you asked :sad:
  13. Gosh, looks like uni-brow not my style of sunnies
    the scarf is cute!