Alex Curran Gerrard style thread

  1. See shes got Isabel Marant shoes, nice, and al the birkins. She looks like a massive balmain fan, I really like her
  2. [​IMG]

  3. I LOVE her light colored Birkin! HATE those IM sneakers though.
  4. I could not agree more with you!
  5. Finally dressing slightly better!
  6. with her Hermes bag.
  7. Ugh, I'm DYING to style her- she has great pieces but sometimes seems to have no clue how to put them together properly!
  8. Yes, I once saw her in Southport (where she lives) with a beautiful Birkin, a fab Matthew Williamson fur coat, skinny jeans (so far so good) .... and .....wait for it ......... grey trainers!!! (What is that about!!!!!).
  9. Some new pics finally!

    Aintree Races today.

    article-0-1297B01B000005DC-847_306x997.jpg article-0-1297AF67000005DC-200_306x997.jpg
  10. is is me or does she lok rather old in the face these days?
  11. I havent a clue what age she is, but I'm presuming early to mid thirties?

    But she's someone who's been tanning all her adult life - she's never gonna look that young, unfortunately.

    HATE the collar on that dress. Shame - as otherwise it'd be ok. She shoulda just bought a nice classic Victoria Beckham!
  12. She's 29
  13. I love that dress. Can anyone ID it? Her figure looks amazing and I think she looks really classy compared to some of the other ladies at the races. I think it would have looked even more classy if she'd worn black patent Louboutin Pigalles!