alex coated op art tote, blue

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  1. hey all!
    does anyone have this particular bag? if so, do you like it? any thoughts about it in general?
  2. anyone!!?
  3. or in black or brown?
  4. I have the Alex stitched patent tote....and I love it! My friend purchased the Alex coated op art tote in ivory and black and it's a really good-looking bag!! Goes great with black, khaki, red, oranges, etc....

    Both bags have the same dimensions so I'll show you a pic of mine - very easy to carry and VERY lightweight!!! :smile:


    Hope this helps! :smile:
  5. I also have the Alex tote but in the stitched patent in gray. I love it. It's so lightweight and easy to carry. Definitely one of my favorite shoulder bags. I would love to have the black patent one also.
  6. Love this bag in black soooo much! its just gorgeous!
  7. love this tote ... i am partial to totes now..... don't know why ......
  8. I have it in the patent leather and love it. It is very comfortable to carry.
  9. I like the way it looks on you. May I know what is the style
    number? TIA
  10. 14265 on the patent op art stitched tote.

    Just so you know the op art fabric is laminated, not a coated canvas.
  11. I'm thinking I may love that stitched patent Alex. Gorgeous!
  12. Yes, it's a decieving bag - on the Coach website it's kind But in person it's da bomb!!!!! The silver hardware is gorgeous!! The stitched "c"'s are very subtle... you can see them better in this pic...

    And besides being light as a feather, it's very roomy!

    I almost passed this one up and I'm glad I didn't. I lso love my friend's black/ivory coated op-art Alex tote!
  13. Wow this bag looks so good! I'd like to get this one later. Thank you fro the info and the up close pic