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  1. I know im posting way to many threads nowadays, but i have to know..

    I've just ordered the Coco-necklace, "knifefight" from Alex & Chloe as a replacement for the Chanel-scarf i didn't win. But now, i wonder, what would you call this necklace? It's not an authentic Chanel (not claiming to be either), it's not a fake, and it's not inspired, but still, it IS the Chanel-logo. I paid 48 us dollars and would never consider this a fake, more like an honore to Chanel. Here's a pic, tell me what you think:


    The gold one. I simply love it and hope it arrives in 1-2 weeks.
  2. I've now sent them an email and said that i'd rather buy this one:


    Hope its alright.
  3. imo I would consider that a knockoff. they are still using the logo without permission and they're making profit off of it.

    i'm curious, how come you see this as an honor?
  4. Well, that's a good question. It maybe the fact that all the three necklaces has something to do with the fact that coco is dead, like knifefight, buried alive and bullet-holes, but maybe im just talking ********. Anyway, i love it and can't wait untill it arrives. I myself hate fakes & stuff like that and still don't consider this a knock-off, but i know that you girls are very VERY "fake is bad, let's kill the highstreet"-ish. But i still want opionions.
  5. Ummm... If you want opinions...
    I think this still belongs in the "fake" category, because it uses the Chanel logo. It doesn't matter that Chanel never came out with this particular design.
    We've all seen bags with designer logos on them that are not of that brand's design (most horrificaly, I saw a bag that had a botkier body but a chloe paddington lock :nuts: ).
  6. I still don't consider it a fake as they also call it "coco we love you" and don't call the necklaces Chanel, but OK. You ladies are probably going to kill me for this anyway. :s "It's a fake, kill him!"
  7. It's definitely a fake in my book too.
    They're using someone else's logo, it'd just not right.
    Cute? Maybe, but still not ethical IMO.

    Most of us aren't that hardcore. Most of us feel strongly against fakes, but not that severe.
  8. OK. I can see why you think this, def. But i still love it and i still don't consider it a fake, but thanks for all your opinions. You can close the thread now, mama.
  9. Thanks for sharing your view on the necklace. And I hope your's arrives soon.
  10. just so you know they're not worth the money, they're just plastic. i have a black one i no longer wear.
  11. That's interesting -- so are all Alex and Chloe necklaces plastic, then? I've only ever seen pictures of them in magazines. And this is the first time I've seen the Chanel ones.
  12. Wow, a fake in my book.....
  13. i have an alex and chloe necklace (the "coco is dead" one), and i wear it with my chanel bags. to me, it's very tongue-in-cheek humor.
  14. wow, I just went to their website and they actually have a lot of pendents with the "CC" logo...I wonder if they will get sued by Chanel for using their logo without permission!! I personally wouldn't buy and wear that, to me, that's a knockoff.

    But I did see a cute black bow pendent on the alex and chloe website.
  15. No, are you sure about the plastic? I have 2-3 necklaces by Alex & Chloe i find the quality in them OK.

    Jennifer. Yey :roflmfao:

    And i gotta say, i love this forum. All of you are so nice to me even though im posting new threads that you probably find annoying. Thanks :smile:
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