Alex Bag listed again! Even higher!

  1. See what happens when I go to work. You guys discuss all this stuff I missed. Disregard because you already know about the relist.
  2. Gosh! I didn't know I had a gold mine in my Alex! Maybe I should list it for a Million and see what I get? :graucho:
  3. This is the weirdest listing ever. Did you notice she wrote, PLEASE DON'T BID ON THIS BAG and mentioned she really wanted to keep it so if it didn't sell, maybe her husband would let her keep it.

    How odd! I sorta understand the price markup but honestly, why bother putting it up for auction if you really want to keep it that badly?

    Bessie, there's another pink Alex up for $100 starting bid but the seller has no feedback and only wants a cheque or money order. Sounds tres sketch!