alex and chloe jewelry - very clever pieces

  1. Alex + Chloe

    my first :heart: love is UNUSUAL jewelry. fun accessories. i'm a little schizo - i love it all from diamonds to hermes and cute stuff bought last week from NYC street vendors.

    i ordered the coco necklace as shown. i'm probably their oldest customer but... i don't give a damn. not that anyone will even notice this thing! i ordered it in the silver.
  2. They have some very cool stuff. :supacool:

    I particularly like the antlers, birds and anchors. :heart:

    Not so sure how Coco Chanel fans will feel about it, though! :s ;)
  3. I love the necklace that has the bullets, On them it says "we love coco"
  4. i have a few of their necklaces, the blonde one, lightening bolt and alex's guitar. the blonde broke into two pieces (bl and onde) which is a bit annoying but i think it might look cooler now :confused1:
  5. I was looking at this line a few months ago...has anyone else noticed quality issues?
  6. Wow, I have never seen this site before; I LOVE the bow necklance!
  7. I got the silver one and it is very cute. I do like Coco Chanel too, I just like the imagery that doesn't take fashion too seriously.

    It is relatively thin plastic so I can see how a long piece might break. Why not write them and see if they can do anything for you ananas?

    Now I want the tooth and other oddball things.....
  8. i have the drippy chanel one. i like it but they're definently not with the money, they're just plastic and a silver chain. the quality is good, but its still just plastic. i used to wear mine everyday but i switch to a tiffany open heart then to the diamond one i'm wearing right now.
  9. i know, the length is probably the issue. and i travel a lot and it's been rather unceremoniously shoved into my little travel jewelry box thing so that probably didn't help. but i wrote them and they didn't reply :sad: i actually forgot all about it until now!
  10. I have the "diamonds are forever" piece and I LOVE IT!!!!!! It's my fav. piece of jewelry!
  11. kitskats, i have that exact alex&chloe necklace in black!
    i'm a coco chanel fan, and i find the necklace to be playful in with tongue-in-cheek humour... but not alot of people (at least in the chanel subforum) feel that way about it!
  12. Would it be totally wrong to wear the Coco necklace while also carrying my Chanel bag? I'm a huge fan of descrete things like that which will make you raise an eyebrow.
  13. ^i've done that! i had alot of fun with it actually. nothing like a $2k bag to go with a $40 acrylic necklace! :P
  14. the cc with the crossbones is a knockoff of an actual chanel design. i think it was spring 03.....i was searching EVERYWHERE for the brooch but it sold out really quickly and i'm still saddened that i never got to get it. i might get that alex&chloe pendant ... sweet compensation..... :P :P
  15. That is some interesting jewelry.