Alex/Adele/Ayse Adjustable strap??

  1. Hi!

    I've recently discovered the addictive beauty of Jimmy Choo bags... :love: I just purchased a navy suede Adele and a bone liquid patent Mahala--both of which I LOVE to bits!! I am so thrilled!!

    I was wondering if the strap in the Adele/Alex/Ayse is supposed to be adjustable? This auction shows the shoulder strap extended (not doubled up like it is on my Adele):

    In that auction, the gold "Jimmy Choo bar" has passed through the ring so that the strap length is double what it was before. Is this a feature? Is my Adele also meant to become a cross-body messenger bag??

  2. etagaya - You can twist the metal piece at the end of the strap and take it out. Then you can make it longer my sliding the strap down toward the loop at the other end. But it doesn't look right that way. On the Ring bag, which has a similar double strap, you can extend the strap so it works as a messenger and the strap looks like it was meant to happen.
  3. Cool! Thanks, jburgh! I didn't know how to get the metal bar through the ring, but I tried it, and my Adele looks great as a messenger bag, too. :tup: