Alessandro Dell'Acqua Bag

  1. i'm looking for a grey bag for fall and am kinda digging this one -- has anyone seen it IRL?

  2. I haven't seen this particular bag, but I have seen several ADA bags in the same style (but w/out the embroidered pattern in the leather- that must be from this season) at either Saks or NM.

    ADA bags look good, pretty much the same as they are portrayed in pictures. They seem well made and high quality.

    I really like this one. Where is the pic from? Are you thinking about getting it?
  3. I was wondering when someone was going to post about this bag. I think it's rather cute. I haven't seen it IRL, though.
  4. found it on for $1800. i have never seen ADA bags in person.

    not to veer OT, but how about this valentino bag n what bg describes as aged silver leather? i like the pintucking detail.

  5. That is a lovely bag! I saw this at South Coast Plaza today. The only thing is that the pintucking is less apparent IRL than it looks in the pictures. It definitely looks beautiful in the pics, and little less striking in person.
  6. It is a nice bag!
  7. Both are lovely grey bags. I've never seen the ADA bag in irl, so i think thats cool and not as well known as the valentino.