Alessandria's Louboutin Love (a collection pictorial)

  1. Thanks so much for the advice Alessandria! I'm definately gonna go to the store and investigate the booties more now! Sorry to hear about your mum. I hope she gets well soon! :smile: :hugs:
  2. wooow love the star prive and the bridgets
  3. You have such a great collection! :love:
  4. Love your collection, hopefully you get to wear your shoes more soon, especially those bridgets....if you ever part ways with those i will drive from windsor to pick them up:graucho:

  5. Nice collection!! I too am in Toronto. I don't have nearly as many CL's as you do, but I have only heard great things about Kaner's. Just wondering how the sole looks once they are on. Do you have a pic you would be willing to share? I just bought a pair of Nude Filo's from David's and opted out of the vibram soles. If you could share i would be forever grateful!! thanks
  6. Great collection! Congratulations!!
  7. amazing collection particularly love the metallic red Bianca's - beautiful colour

    so what's next on the list - bet you had fun in the London Boutique
  8. You have such a wonderful collection! And i absolutely love how you have a story to go with every shoe, that sure makes every pair so much more special! I am also in Toronto and it sure is a struggle to find great variety here, i think it is slowly getting better as buyers from Holts and Davids are starting to get more brave and dont stick only with classics! Looking forward to your new reveals!!!
  9. :drool: what a stunning collection! thank you for sharing :flowers:
  10. Absolutely Devine!!!
  11. Fabulous!

  12. May I ask how much the sweet charity messenger was? love your collection too!
  13. Gorgeous collection