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  1. Has anyone dealt with Alertpay? I've heard mixed things about them and being involved with scams.

    I'm not longer using Paypal so I need an alternate:smile:

  2. Alas, I've never heard of them still less got feedback. However, it might be relevant that a regular Ebayer hasn't heard of them . . .?
  3. No idea about alertpay, but I have used bidpay and nochex and they're both good
  4. Sorry never heard of them!
  5. Great thanks!

    I tried to sign up for Bidpay but because i'm in Canada and I don't have the US bank account I can't use it.

    So i'm going to do some research on Nochex
  6. Oh no, No chex seems to be in the UK only?
  7. How with as alternative?