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  1. I don't know what the general opinion is on this bag (I'm rather on the fence myself), but NAP has the Alexander McQueen Novak back in stock, in brown and red. So anyone who's been after one, get over there NOW! Before they all disappear.:lol:

    At least, I think they do. They have them on the site, and there's no 'sold out' next to them, but it says something about 'notifying you when they come into stock'. I'm confused.
  2. That is a gorgeous bag! I had never seen a good photo of it. I love the red :love:
  3. I just got the brown and it is a GREAT bag. It does scratch easily so be prepared. I am on the waiting list for the red, which is amazing.
  4. I dont like it one bit... Too squarish looking... :Push:
  5. Looks like a fancy bowling ball bag to me.
  6. I am also on the waiting list, but I am not a working girl and have decided to not buy it when it comes. I think it is absolutely gorgeous don't get me wrong. However, the paddington has changed my relationship with structured bags. I only want the structure of the novak in crocodile! not getting that anytime soon:lol:lol .....$13,000. Check it out!

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