****Alert*** Need help quick! It's my first day of work, need major help!

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  1. Okay, red alert, I am so out of touch as to what is appropriate clothing for work as I have not had a professional job ever. (this is my dream job, doing really posh stuff in a famous Dr.'s office)

    Can I wear a black pencil skirt that hits my knees, black plain fitted 3/4 sleeve t and black patent 100 mm simples w/out tights or should I wear tights and different shoes?????????

    Also.... we still have snow outside if that helps, but the office is really warm : )

    LMK, QUICK!!!!! TIA!
  2. I think that outfits sounds hot!!! Don't forget the bun in your hair and sexy glasses! ;)
  3. If there is still snow in the ground, I recommend going with semi-opaque stockings. The outfit sounds great! Good luck on your first day of work.
  4. Shasta - How dressy is the t-shirt? Is it cotton?
  5. you can't go wrong with that outfit. sounds great! good luck on your first day!! so exciting!
  6. I would wear tights. Do you have any textured tights - ribbed, mesh, pattern, etc?

    GOOD LUCK!!!
  7. I'd bring an extra pair of lower shoes until you get a good lay of the land and an idea of what your job is all about. Will you be working on a carpeted surface, concrete floors, etc. And if you wear something a bit more moderate, you'll get an idea of what the office dress code is, who the clientele are, etc. I wouldn't overdo it the first day and go all out.
  8. Good luck on your first day in the office. Definitely look at what the other staff wear to get cues for what to wear on a daily basis. The outfit sounds good though you may want to wear collared shirts. I hope you wore tights and took some more comfy shoes to deal with the snow.
  9. okay girls, I am on my lunch break and the day is going so fantastic! I took Kamilla's advice and wore the semi-opaque tights. I have received countless compliments on my cl's!!! I will post my outfit pic later, when I am at home. I am on cloud 9, this is a dream come true, my dream job that I get to wear my dream shoes to! Thanks for all your help.
  10. I just have to be dressy in mostly black and my position is quite posh, when I was offered the job I scoped out what the other women were wearing and asked about a 'dress code' they simply said "You always look great and professional" That was a good sign!
  11. Shasta your soo adorable!! Cant wait to see your pics, and glad its going well
  12. Glad your day is going well. I would stick w/ knee length skirts/trousers and blouses. And, tights since it's still chilly right now. That's what I wear when I'm in a clinical rotation.

    Congrats on your dream job too!
  13. Congrats on finding your dream job!! Can't wait to see pics of the outfit later.
  14. :roflmfao: the bun that will dramatically be shaken free in slow motion.

    some offices actually require nylons as part of the dress code, which i think is stupid. as long as you look professional, who cares?
  15. This is what I wore